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DGT chess board with Raspberry Pi

However, I can not afford all your cool shop tools and you work way faster than me.0:52 You blurred out "The Home Depot".I hope you get the record!

Glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it!

Now step up to endgrain.Bro can you plss tell me what kind of blade that you are using?I know that this 2as yesterday but HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY BRETT!I smile as soon as they take the bate as from there I feel in control and unnerve them a bit.God knows when he will defeat Magnus!

Ive got this pcgame, its great,

Ive got this pcgame, its great,

Hi I know this has nothing to do with anyone but I can see ghosts and feel presents of people and ghosts ect.Will be even harder for the next guy trying to do it right in a few years.Glues to glass table looks at it i did a great job.I still dont understand a single thing.How do people come up with this stuff?Very cool radio.I made it all by hand, by the way, was a bit hard but I loved the handplaning part.Achilles94627 agree :) !

Scheveningen is notoriously hard to pronounce.I found it on the chessbase website but not in my YouTube notificationsp.Nice job on the build and the editing.I imagine if the research was conducted in other countries which lay out their writing differently, the result would have been quite different.I then went to youtube and this was the first video suggested.This is better than the Superbowl.

I have to say, that I have broken

I have to say, that I have broken

6:36, it'snot all black and white, well that's ironic considering the colour of thepieces.10:35 cock or sock?Your work is amazing.In Canada since the late 1980's at least, I remember two years in pre-school where we actually did more chess than math in math class.It was a blunder that his opponent didn't take advantage of for it gave Carlsen some positional advantages.I'm surprised his nose wasn't Dripping.She is so sexy and smart.

Good content for

Good content for

Bruh, how much chess do you watch in a week?The paganini for trombone is Arthur Pryor.US tested 450, last week.So I guess that isa chess rule I didn't know.You guys should follow my instagram where im gonna post fun chess puzzles daily daily.1:19:31 There is a tactical advantage for white after 15.Beautiful table.But the average woodworker will not be assured of a good fit.

tracey williams

catch those three lines in a row like claw

Isaiah Gunn

i love the ben videos !!!

sbcontt YT

Imagine Radio Ga Ga being played on this radio.

Andrew Webster

a sub-1200 tournament NEEDS to happen


Wait... 2 checks? that's illegal

Ricardo Silveira

So what about 1/x2?

Doug Prentice

I like that you donate good shavings to animal shelter. I'm going to look into that in my area.


Is this guy stupid or having the same issue as Joe? Many doubt Biden's cognitive abilities and his mental fitness for the presidency when he can put sentences together. For a second I thought this was an SNL skit.

Just Ben

I'm so glad I found this channel and subscribed. Phenomenal work Paul and the giant moustache really caught me out. Huge thumbs up from me.

Ben Harris

Twas a good lecture, it just annoys me every time she says 'important'. 

Diggie Franco


Gabriel Trujillo

Very entertaining and well put-together thank you! Anxiously anticipating the next match between Ginger GM and Ben!

Mickey Mice

Mr Prusa once again help to prove that it's the best comes from our IQ and not from Education system which has always been overrated.


One question. At 15:40 you talk about how you should have mentioned that the queen was undefended. But given that the queen is worth more than any other piece, it doesn't really matter, does it? If you can get a fork with your knight that threatens the queen, whether or not the queen is defended shouldn't matter too much, and thus one should always eye the queen, whether she's hanging or not?

- knightkilling -

I think that there should be no music so we can hear not very loud noises, It does make the video more creepy but I would want to hear all the small noises.

Helene Logan



I can't believe you can just... plunge 3" into titanium like that like it's nothing. Even with carbide. Damn. Also it was never shown, but surely some of the tooling wore out during this? That's a LOT of machining time, surely a mill had to get changed out at some point lol


someone help me , my spaceship does not move when I press any arrow button .include include using namespace sfconst int W = 1080, H = 800float DEGTORAD = 0.017453fint main() RenderWindow app(VideoMode(W, H), "Let's try") app.setFramerateLimit(60) Texture t1, t2 t1.loadFromFile("images/spaceship.png") t2.loadFromFile("images/background.jpg") Sprite sPlayer(t1), sBackground(t2) float x = 300, y = 300 float dx = 0, dy = 0, angle = 0 bool thrust while (app.isOpen()) Event eventwhile (app.pollEvent(event)) if (event.type == Event::Closed)app.close() if (Keyboard::isKeyPressed(Keyboard::Right)) angle = 3 if (Keyboard::isKeyPressed(Keyboard::Left)) angle -= 3 if (Keyboard::isKeyPressed(Keyboard::Up)) thrust=true else thrust = false ////spaceship movement/// if (thrust) dx = cos(angleDEGTORAD)0.2dy = sin(angleDEGTORAD)0.2 else dx = 0.99dy = 0.99 x = dx y = dy if (x > W) x = 0 if (x < 0) x = W if (y > H) y = 0 if (y < 0) y = H sPlayer.setPosition(x, y) sPlayer.setRotation(angle 90)///draw/// app.clear() app.draw(sBackground) app.draw(sPlayer) app.display()

Apsis Motion Pictures

GO PRMIUEM and get berated by World champion Magnus Carlsen.

artesania valladolises santi

eres el puto amo

Jet Pro

18 or 20?Look at the trees.Which way are they pointing?20...too easy.


I am surprised this hasn't been in a curiosity box yet.


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