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Ding Liren beats Magnus Carlsen with a powerful counter-attack | Tata Steel Chess India Blitz 2019

Here in the US most 8 tracks were kept in a car year round and exposed to hot and cold cycle that destroyed alot of tapes.Why don't he just demonstrate it on the computer instead of pointing into the projector which is blocked?The 45 was an exception to this.

My favorite chess series yet!Perhaps you can do a blooper video.Wonderful Playing.I feel even worse now.

I had left it in outside storage as it is a extra pc that I built.Of course I didn't find Qd5 jaja.Debate Eric Dubay if you think you're so smart.They have soon to be competition - maybe not cheaper but will be quite better - on 25th of February Regiumregiumchess.Nvm I watched the rest of the video.Can't put my finger on it tho.

Knight and rook only" shiiit everybody's face.I am happy you changed the feet design as the first wasn’t organic enough to match the gorgeous shaped broken parts.The Walking Pawns.People are cruel SMH.Why do people always castle on the king's side.

When your name is

When your name is

Thank you for uploading this music.Carlsen never won against Morozevich :).It's like silicone boobs." make me laugh so hard hahaha!Well, that was fun!Magnus vs Portable Webcam was the toughest opponent, real back and forth battle!  I love her :).It would look badass.

You should have also sanded the sun before

You should have also sanded the sun before

This is so sad actually.It's either the best or worst emotion.Which one is the assets link I can't find it?Sounds good but your hands don't look cool.I recorded a lot of stuff on it and we had those tapes for a time.Todays "Hello everyone" and its intonation were really nice and unexpected :)!If possible please provide me.24 x 7 Help Line : 91-78717 918083.He explains the variations and moves around the board like someone peeling a banana.

Some of chat complaining about the names BabyRage.Thank youi love these.Everytime I think i have had enough and you come up.Sana maging kagaya ko mga galawan mo master.Com need to adjust ratings lower by 300.Sadly it’s every where.I love how AlphaZero’s picture is a powerful brain thinking, and Stockfish 8 is just some crappy fish.Great bench well made.Magnus pressed home the attack the entire game despite his king being somewhat stranded in the centre.The 9 dot problem is where the phrase thinking outside the box comes from.

Just wish i

Just wish i

The rank 2 at 5:05:00 is using a computer.Shows INTEGRITY.No, not the coolest ever.Some folding stainless steel stoves are $10-20.Hit like and commentLast time he played 3 weeks ago.


So If i streamsnipes him during the match, Its probably winning for me.. huh! that was EZ

Christopher Farrell

Wondering how much something like this would even cost to assemble? Or at least let me know the final price for resale. Great work!

Justin Overholtzer

This video reminds me of the Japan tsunami...


Imagine having to write no kill, don’t kill as a reminder


I did not know you could use a band saw like that. I'll have to practice this.

Wolf wolf

You said if you are a man and you didn't get your man a gift


Are you paranoid of carbide dust. Some are scared like the dickens. I'm sure its a good idea to wear a mask.Also for carbide cutting, you have mentioned a green silicon wheel. Is that what you use here in this video. Thanks.

Christo Garcia

Englund Gambit is cool


I'd mate them both in 4


Does this ever end???? LOL In all seriousness, I love the table but HATE the finish! Why didn't you just give a soft hand rubbed finish on it and let it naturally age? That finish looks like a cheap bar.

dylan kyaw thu

16:50 i have never played poker before so i appreciate if anyone could explain it to me. How did Zach win if all he had was a pair and Keith had a flush? Isnt a Flush higher ranking than a pair?


I watch... You talk... I learn... RESPECT!

Trap Drip

I enjoyed the video! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]



Isaac mondragon

I liked where this video went with diy laptops! butyou should not stop there with this topic and continue creating more diy laptops ideas as it seems that there could be more repurpused video you can make with

johan indra Permana

Warnings! These comment section is fuelled by quotations.


Cool video!

Samadhan Lokhande

Very nice

Amar Kakati

Congrats for qualifying for the world cup.. After two losses it was a strong and inspiring comeback to finish joint 2nd on points

The Marine

Beautiful job - Enjoyed watching the process

Rick rick

Bogolebuv could beat Feingold easy

Jackson Pope

I thought Magnus lost from the title :O


where i typet in debug.log("GameHandler") thats not working by me


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