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Dinosaur Stomp and More | Nursery Rhymes from Mother Goose Club!

What’s inside what’s inside?I completely disagree with which jigs are must-have vs nice-to-have.Wonder if this is one reason why.Hey Dan, You should do a give away for the cut bottles.So you are telling me that you guys supply us with one pencil not two to for the Konexi?No wonder this country is fucked.

2019 December ilum ee movie kanunnavar undo.Since it is a locking box, wouldn't it make more sense for the hinges to be on the inside?Why not knight to g6? But as a commentator, she needs some better grooming.Nakaka Touch Ng Story.

And repeating "only 14 years old" ten times is a bit much.I addedthe display from 4 inch digital calipers (harbor freight) to a low cost import boring head.Stop putting asinine pictures with a guy with a " 12" guage in one hand and another gun in the other.Chinese government has a long history of lies.It speaks volumes.I love the contrast (traditionnal and modern) between the top and the legs.Can you make a video the best checkmate moves and most played blunders.

I'm getting me

I'm getting me

She's 'sat through' countless YT vids with me and aside from those that involve glitter and unicorns (10yo girl don't forget ) this is the first that she's got excited about.Yeto waao hogaya.Ok - just got myself a Russian ammo box off eBay for 20.Hate the size and shape of his head.Just so beautiful, love from UK.The N64 is definitely always going to be my favourite console.

Now this was absolutely beautiful!If the amount of tiles left is equal to the amount of bees (mines), you've won the game.When I did this, for canoe ribs, I had to soak the kiln dried oak from the borg for a week before steaming, and I still broke a lot of them.Cool ass design.You have emmence patience.Little tip(idk if this is useful or i think it is sometimes) : when you see a pawn in aligned in f2 g2 and h2 and then f1 and g1 is blank its like a sign that they might do castling.

Wow what a video.

Wow what a video.

Very cool to see an IM play with thought processes and asking the audience what they think too.Chanda and Aljur.Nakakaiyak ung kwento :'( mahirap din pla ung mga ginagawa ng mga magulang ntin para maitaguyod tyo nakakaiyak ung kwento tlg :((.Chess, domino, cannot make sense, excellent.I am moe Sargon Tom my boy.Great game but still weird how Carlsen didnt see the simple mate in 2 with Qb2 instead of Qh8 in the end, which still is winning but prolongs the game after Rg7 and Rg6.Its fake he must show us the full gameplay cut game scenes fraud not legit.How do I order and get it shipped to Istanbul?

Keep making great videos man always enjoy watching your channel alot.I remember the 8 track from my childhood, I was never a fan of it though a lot of my friends had them.What do you think ?But it is also possible to use base 2 and 36 cards, base 3 and 27 cards, base 4 and 16 cards, base 5 and 25 cards, base 6 and 36 cards, base 7 and 49 cards (my favourite!Wow now the younger twin can see what she’ll look like in 11 years.Incredible game!Here's one that works for 1 through 8: Color 1, 2, 4, and 8 red color 3, 5, 6, and 7 blue.

Yet you spend 1000 a year on a new iPhone iPad and Mac or less than a year.I love hikaru more than magnus.Mas gaganda siguro to kung hindi umuso ngayun yung mga internet games diba old school pero pa bata ng pabata yung mga players.Where did you learn all of this?For the 8 part,it can be cuberoot of 8cuberoot of 8cuberoot of 8 also.Mill OD, ID, Profiles on ID OD, Radius,taper.Pure master pieces.Millclocks strategy is to capitalize on his success, by mimicking his technique and aesthetics.

Florian Gailliegue

The last one has value for what was at stakes at that moment when a simple draw would have secured a title that seemed threatened only a few days before...The first one also is interesting as the weak back rank motive is exploited unusually.Other than that these are just flashy combinations really easy to find for any master or above. The inhuman strengh of magnus lies in his uncanny ability to always create problems to his opponents. Hence I find that some decisions he takes are more stunning than these flashy shots. They are ofc quite nice though

Boddana Shivadevi

Superb bro


2:27 = chills every time

scaff 1

vase vas

Case-Hard Nails

You are a genius. There is so many tricks for the taking if you can catch it. And the average public I'm sure is just jaw dropped by your presentation. Kudos.


Does anyone know what's with the last puzzle in the combat section? I can only get two stars


Moonton harus perbiki ya moonton semua hero gratismoonton jangan kasih hero gratis dong moonton

Pawel Jelonek

Great video!!!Please make more )

Hoanghiep Le


Ahmed Ezzat

12:14 :D :D

Vash Koi

And another coffee grinder from Tysy everyone and I still loved it lol

andrew Gierak

The Robertson screw is actually super super common in the electrical field

JD Kempton

Maybe some tool company will send you a milling machine

trevor brown

I seem to vaguely recall my junior school also had a V2000 recorder back in 1981, so I do wonder if there was a push to get it into UK educational institutions back then. I also remember my local electrical superstore, then called 'Power City' selling them as they had quite an elaborate display stand.Am I right in thinking there were issues in that if you recorded onto a  V2000 tape with a Philips model, watching it on a Grundig model was a bit hit and miss? Also you said Sony refused to let rental  companies rebadge their Betamax machines but you forget that Sanyo did let their Beta compatible machines (Sanyo called them Betacord) enter the rental market, although the numbers in comparison to VHS were negligible.


Watching in aug 2019


I didn't understand 99% of the things he said but still enjoyed tho

Stefan Lazarevic

This video is the kind that you need but don't know it yet :D


Lots of love from India

GDX Gaming 404

Look to the left in green color spraypaint it says 13:50

george burke

You can even make it so you can put a 90 degree bend on the bottom of the leg that way you can put the bend of the legs in between the first and second brick that would a lot better than just sitting it down on top bricks

Tina Fisher

why? Because I can.....


Thank you Magnus is poor player for premium appreciate it:D

lijith dq

Can any one pls giv me mega knight??


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