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Don't change a thing your commentary is amazing.After everything is explained in detail by him:Me: Ohhhhhhhh.Walmart: 250Linus: Walmart's new laptop is really good for the price!

If, earth rotates in 23h-56m.3:37:45 song name, please.The commentary here is just SUPERB!My birthday is April 7th.That's a killa titcha :).That's first girl I feel bad nobody ever pulled next me and say that.I've been waiting a long time for thisssssssAaaaaaaaahhhhhHARRRRRRY POTTTTERHarry: VoldemortAbsolutely terrifying when we saw what scary looking Voldemort looked like for the first time.

Why don't you have a Patreon?

Why don't you have a Patreon?

Let's not expose ourselves to scammers out there.Around 40 years ago I worked in the workshop of a BMW dealership here in Oz.We also produce H'mong knives.How do you invent a potato.And the white player always beginns first.That theme 34:55 the title is a nod to that dumbledore was preparing for this and snape didn’t kill him because he was a death eater Whoever made this is super clever.Beautiful job, congratulation mster.

I let mineral oil suck in to a couple boards that were Christmas gifts.The only way to save the check is to place his queen in between the check at c8!I love the effect on puddle speed." And then in an other moment, after the opponent was doing all he predicted, he moves just one little pawn and Magnus says "that's suspicious, now is getting dangerous" just to beat the guy up later.Naka loves his perfect record.Oh and we called them Horse Poo.I worked in the timber industry for several years and know the difference between a root and other parts of a tree.The analogy is that black Kings gets attacked and he jumps all over the chess board just like liver jumps on the pan while being fried.I love Ned’s fruit drawing.

Other defences likeAnyvhow thanks forSicilian, Slave, Norjdof, Patterson and Alekaine white comes with good moves.However it is your style.2 of the pile is being taken away each time and a coconut is being given to the monkey so it could look like (original pile-(original pile.Great looking chess board!We are left with an empty pit in our souls, as empty and as gaping as the brutal gash ripped from the Enterprise's side.I like your videos and subscribed to your channel.Are they cheap in your country or why did you bought them ?And always u too.

End of Santiniketan IND Trip 03.

End of Santiniketan IND Trip 03.

I need to go badly been holding it in!You know you don't know anything about this game (or possess the vision to look ahead) when I'm sitting here like.Great job, but you MUST use an oil primer over bondo or it will hold moisture.He was in check.Only 15 moves away?Maybe its something new, I went to school starting in the late forties, when you were taught to read and pay attention to what you wrote, because somebody somewhere will read your description, and you were duty-bound to make sure they didn't misunderstand you.If you pee in bed you are a serial killer sorry.While I was aware that screws didn't have the shear strength that nails do, I figured they'd have enough for anything I'd ever use the workbench for.Hey Moe u need to go to Silverton in Colorado they have the best ghost towns like old Mines and tore down houses they just had a avalanche last winter so I would wait a couple months or so but I promise u they are worth it.

DAVID JHON 301119.Only i'm can decide that!No Real number can Solve the Equation.What's going on in the sequence at 1:40 with Nepo?Please use the speed option in settings to speed up the video if you feel that the video is too slow.Thanks for sharing, Titan!


Magnus is a Random His real name is Magnus Random

jilshuvm siyadum jilshuuvm siyadum

song Jilshad Pls


We are all rooting for you KingsCrusher!


I recently started a chess blog, please check it out at:


Why does errrbody enjoy watching AI playing each other?

Saba Khan

Oven me kitna time bake karne ka??


lol the rooks have not TVE same size


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