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Dota 2 WTF Moments 313

Is this woodworking or machining?A nice game,caro can is my favorite defense.But what is the kid rated?Hulk's face style does not match body style.And now it is ALWAYS BET ON GAY.Queen is like UNLIMITED POWER.

Chill guys they're just kids.Lo puedo comprar?Excelente video!

I play when

I play when

But it still appears to me that Anand had one move left (d5).But a Square is a Rectangle.1:06:02 pawn to f5 trades a rook and a knight for blacks queen.Good info thanks.Thanks, you explain things well.I am learning drop by drop.SuggestionPraggnanandhaa VS Mamedyarov.Did jerry rig everything (Zac) build them.

I see incompetent officers don’t only exist in America.I love your bts, my passion forever.Lmfao these chess hustlers have the worst moral ever.Where do you buy black melamine?Instead of milk and vinegar, can use buttermilk.

That one looks VERY cool 2:39Edit: i have 1 like autolike.Ive often wondered how one could made chess pieces but i wasnt this creative and gave up on the idea.Such a game can never die, and as the world advances, the practice of chess is bound to become the universal pastime.Its also Ron Moore's touch I appreciate as a writer.We have seen the process which is great, but who are you going to pass thisskill set on to?Thank you for sharing.That Harry Potter music though.But mra cmpltly asa ni ha.Thanks for the video.Hello American Idol!

"Try DollarBrite.Can you put the PGN of the game in the description." and no one gets it.Really Macgyver solution :-) But why the penny?Cat got your tongue?If you close your eyes and listen to this it sounds like Guy Fieri taking you to flavor town.Is it actually safe to use this for cooking?"Reclaimed Wall Map with Epoxy Resin River and Road Inlay slipped around all my roadblocks and penetrated directly into my strongest adult making memories, in which woodworking looked more real than other live-action features.Thanks I've followed on soundcloud keep up the good work with all the murder porn!Trump REGIME IS A FASCIST DICTATORSHIP INSTALLED BY PUTIN!

So, we totally wiped it ( other units other folks gave us when they got same treatment).2:52agadmator: And it was in this position that Alireza Firouzja resigned the game.Looking forward to more 2020 teamwork with you and Shaun.So please, someone send me to a site where this chunk of wood can do something worth bothering to go to the race for?Look for Kasparov vs.I know how that feels, I betted on HD-DVD which sadly lost to BluRay.6:58 Hears this while milking cows in Stardew Valley.Just know, it was traumatizing.Z -(focal - 50)) ctx.Has to be delighted with himself.

GoodEvening Sir

Oh damn i got sweaty just watching this intense chess play

Alexandru EPURAN

Re-boxing is tough :D. Can’t wait for my set to arrive. Thanks for the vid.

Muhamad Syahmi22

What the title song when Ruby get gank?

Texas Putra

Imut banggettt dek


$10 for the clamp, $1000 for the tools needed to make it. Very much worth it IF you have the tools first. I had previously thought of this idea but certainly not with wood. Might try it some day.


Communist Who's your favorite chess playerstudent: Bobby FischerCommunist: uughhhrhh

Salebete Fight



Why Boss' last opponent wasn't titled? Interesting.

Amelia Eves

Zach will forever be my favorite because Eugene rated cancer on the zodiac scale last and it made me want to cry I will never be happy again

Bill A

At 17:36I thought he's gonna bust out singing this song "Put the needle on the record and the drum beat goes like this... "Some of you may remember MARS with Pump Up the Volume )

Caleb Hopper

So this is why the best song of an album is the first or second track... That's the place on the record with the best frequency response, thus best quality.

Mike PenceTD

We are little insects compared to this genius.

Carol Swindler

Why was she laughing when she heard there was one more death? And she’s so happy.


mmmm.... ????? y quien gano?


What happened at 1:10

aysh tams

2020l kanunavar aaregelum inda

Smart Medico

thank you jerry for the video


OMG... where you took that money to afford those all.. I just would love to build something but when I calculate I cant afford it :/

josh tomlinson

This guy needs his hard drive checking

franz seidenfuss

good work. Thanks a lot. This cured a lot of headaches. Keep'em coming.


LOL I dropped a sheet of MDF, edge side down, on my toe about 3 years ago and broke my freaking big toe. So much pain....


Are you allowed to move your piece before the other person hits the timer? Because i felt like this dubov guy was cutting it suuuuuper close on some of them but I don’t know very much about chess.

Remya Kurup



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