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Now im nowhere as good as him but when the black Q was on H2 and his on E1 at 12:37 I would've left my queen there and moved my king to E2 which either forces a queen trade or both queens sit idle while his white knight goes on a rampage?Check out EnglesCouchShop channel.This is what happens when you give a man too much free time and tools.At 5:50 I'm confused.The guy looks like ed Sheeran had a baby with Jonah hill.Can someone give the lists of tracks playing in the video?"Woman: "HELLO, my name is NINO.That is THE PLANER.

I like your videos because you show us a very nice critical moments in the game, it is very interesting try to solve it by my self, you shoul make a video with a lot of this critical moments, like a training video for us.It's about time someone else calls it the, "Queen's Gambit Slav Defense.Probably best programming video you’ve released yet!Here's a great class to serve as a base for you to make some really awesome systems like a Heatmap, Pathfinding, Building, etc.Sao n nc th 12 anh khng i 12.Carlsen keeps looking around wondering what he should have for dinner.

What is the

What is the

This is really good, except you said "make sure you bring those scripts into unity after you download them".I'm trying to change the waypointIndex to -1 and tried changing diceSideThrown too,but it's not working. So may not be ready for Carlsen but he's American champion and he is the best American player.BTW, even though Matt's last name is spelled Estlea, he pronounces it Estlee.SWEET move trapping the queen in game 5 tho.What's funny is that they called chemist Andrew instead of typing first name 'Zbigniew'.

I don't have one but it would be cool if I did.Ask glasses then cranial accessories.Why not carlsen forward the pawn?I hate it if when you guys claim to see something you either fail to capture it on camera do to your camera being aimed somewhere else or perhaps because just because a spirit might be able to manifest itself maybe sometimes they can't be filmed.Is that the song from nintendo's dragon warrior?Dude what phone are you using?Dont stop when cuttting.Joe Barber is the ultimate.Beautiful finish.

Amsterdam will be the

Amsterdam will be the

I need to probably start using sketchup instead of Fusion 360.When 2 girls play chess.Why is it every time you and Ali split up something bad always happening, like wth please NEVER EVER leave Ali along by himself from now on when the two of you do these videos.The first is to remove blacks bishop defender to make room for the knight fork.I read that it was being fixedworked on but it's already dead to me tbh.N mms por eso me gana mi compaero n mms mueve dos peones al mismo tiempo eso es trampa.

Lincoln needs goggles for his safety next time, dad.All I heard was "Stella.It looks like bit for pin board is straight, no taper.You say again way too often.I’m curious, also I get a sense of deja vu when you say that lol.Riddle 11:replace all numbers with zero.Yeah I heard my shop teacher when I saw the ring "Remove all rings.I mean the tactic of the game.Cool project, however i feel like for the price of the parts and fillament you could get a Basic Lansky kit ora Worksharp Culinary sharpener and get far better results : Mainly due to the fact that those chinese waterstones are horrid and not much finer then 400 grit even when it says 3000.

Dungeons and Dragons players: First

Dungeons and Dragons players: First

I am personally interested inestablishing local alternative currency with mobile online banking software Cyclos 4 PRO you.IPhone 11 pro by the way hehe.LolZhigalko didn't lose to "the Doctor".Also it's one of the main components of acid rain!If you’re playing NF6 you should be playing the Nimzo or the QID( highest wining rate for black on chess base ).2:20Stupid Romanian bitches.

Davi Pereira

The one on the right I hate people like that they keep doing eye for an eye

Isabelle Croft

Your voice is so annoying,you talking about them like your are commenting on a football match.

care stereo

i found it lol, im not good at chess im idiot, but i found it !

Kimmo M

Great game from Kasparov!

Mctinx Garfield

Kagwapo ni Joseph Marco uy! Sheeeyt!

Joshua Stefano Baguio

sorry to burst the bubble? but it wont be checkmate bec. there is a white square bishop setting on the b7 square?

Alice NotinChains

Mind .......blown!

raw trout

he always calculates 100 moves in advance. he said it in an interview


What was the point of the resin?

PEKOMON Official

I will try this on my channel :D thats nice

Dickson Awosika

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Instructions unclear I checkmated myself.


Amazing thank you

Achchhelal Chauhan

Super man

Mr X

lmfao are there other version of 3d animated chess?

George Christoforou

That 2nd game was a bit ropey. Not sure what lesson learned there. Maybe don't be cocky!

Ace Electric Company

Would love one for my cigars . :)

dennis eriksson

Hos much power did you use?

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