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"Though you try to count more, a cat's leg's are still four" Don't waste time trying to delude yourself.I feel like if it was Ned and Eugene instead of Zach, Eugene wouldn’t have bailed so quickly.Business is something that grows through hard times,at first is floppy,doubtful but struggling forth it turns green and then grows even more and even more than you ever expected,and along the way you discover that you have been transformed.Though sad to see Big Vlad retire, thanks for all the great games!High School maths would've been way more interesting to me if I had had teachers like the mathematicians on Numberphile.Has stockfish ever beaten AZ.Moves like these should have been included but they weren't because of their nature.

He was very

He was very

I have fallen in love with this women after seeing her the way she talks and acts.LG: How many times are you gonna plug in the name of the device Try guys:Yes.What about Q to C4 taking rook in 16:50.I prefer wood skewers over chop sticks, but we're on the same page!How does Carlsen analyses that quickly in a blitz game?Gift giveaway : for who answers this question.

Com detects and bans these engine users why after years of playing on here have I not been given my lost rating points back.Hey everyone I just won an iPhone X on this giveaway.That cake is so small and i could actualy eat the whole thing with one cup of coffee during my coffee break.That's extremely admirable.I just want my music to be heard and enjoyed!Hindi me uska analysis dekhne ka maza hi kch aur hoga.

JokeBut I am Internet commenter so I

JokeBut I am Internet commenter so I

6V, 25V Makita drills and 19.I’d be so worried that I would damage its beauty.For a 1642 player.His opponent refused to win the game, instead he tried to just prevent’ everything White had.I have a question, why don't you use the Unity built-in Tilemap system?Forgive me for asking because I know nothing about block planes, but would a belt or disc sander do a similar jobthank youtim.Game speaks itself.Wholesome, educational entertainment that sucks you in with a soft tone!That's a nice lathe you have.




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Emon Khan

i made my pc at the golden time, December of 2019

Deepika Yadav

Bro kya koi esi app hai jisme chess khel kar paise kama sakte hain..?


For these cuts, I'm curious what type of blade you recommend using.I've been using 40T blades and they always have a lot of tear-out on the bottom side.

babu vanam

At 3:14 instead of knight if white moves pawn or bishop then what will be good move for black

Gururaj B

Kid had advantage if he loose nobody judge him it's very very tough situation for viswanathan.


wow what a rock show :D


Whats with the terrible music they listen to?

Divyansh Asthana

What if 3.Bb5 Qc7 ?


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