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I love your cnc I wanted to build it so much.Sir thanks for ur cengage.Uh, not sure it's technically a queen sacrifice, but I haven't played seriously for more than 10 years.Carlsen is bad ass!

Im confused I dont see the

Im confused I dont see the

I was on your team!Everything you did looks pretty great The hot wheels model not so much.Why copy the hex if rgb is already there?In this basic position each queen has to be set on a field of its own color (white queen on white filed and black queen on black field):.Its seems the World Championship coverage is an unpopularizer.Which way does the focusing lens go in?So this is how these 'mathematicians' spend their time?1800 was he lost He return 1000rs to the boyHe gave 800rs to lady.We get the units, the natural numbers, the triangular numbers etc.

Just irritating." Hahaha oh little does he know!That must have hurt the developers.If you like this you'll like my new track 'Broken'.At 2:35 move black rook to G2 to take start breaking the pawn wall?It's hilarious and sad how many stories Bobby has of people that have "fucked him over.I'm just saying, LOL).Nuuuu the scorpion don’t eat my sign!Great video and it is always cool to watch Magnus play chess.Hi toggiLove your streams Eric, and I am thankful that you upload often to your YouTube channel.

Huge bowl yes, nice work, biggest question.My biggest thing about this movie was always the fact that Picard, Kirk, and sauron just kind of materialized back on the planet.Bf5 there is Nd4.He is funny and he doesn't care for boring games, he will rather sacrifice than getting a gridlocked game and that is really nice to watch.Another good video, CNC guys don't get enough credit for their skills.Did you use Unity or what ?Great win by Duda.We want to share my subscription to my channel.8 SIMPLY WE CAN STOP IMAGING.Ugh well hope you guys could figure it out but this would put up WAY more fight for bobby fischer and win if he had even a small error in his moves.

But if you keep going (mathematically) back, we

But if you keep going (mathematically) back, we

Idk if its just me but I kinda got a little terrified in this scene (3:04).Not there yet, but boy did I have cutting rabbits and coves and this and that.Ba3, pawn recaptures, qa3, knight recaptures, ra3, ra2.Totally bitchin'.Not sure that I'd have the patience for a tenth of that.

Bryce Kimball

Great outro song choice, as well as a great video!

Colorado Crafter

Thanks for the video!!

D Salakis

so funny to see him almost not spending any attention and still be better than all of us combined

Jim George

Pretty nice piece of work. I also have been inspired by MTM's cutting boards. Your board caught my eye, and at first, thought it was an MTM design. Very nice work. Not sure I'd exactly follow your table saw technique though. It looks a little awkward at times.May I suggest you use a 40 tooth triple chip rip blade rather than the 60 tooth narrow kerf blade that you're using. You're 60 tooth blade is loading up and can't clear the chip fast enough so you're getting a lot of heat, occasionally burning in the kerf, and shorter life on a sharpening caused by excessive heat. The blade you're using would be much better for ripping plywood or crosscutting some hardwoods on a miter saw. Just my opinion and it's worth every penny you paid for it.

Squid Stick

What does drunken rolling pin mean, is it a rolling pin thats drunk or a rolling pin for drunk people, or some other thing

Power Up The Machine

Man, I thought that the camera man comments were overblown, but nope. The ENTIRE THREE QUARTERS OF THIS VIDEO IS WORTHLESS since most of the time this moron is zoomed in at the back of his head while he references something on a screen we can't see. LMAO

Valentino Sy

Did Eric really leave or is he just taking a break or just working sometimes and appearing in vids only sometimes?

Kathy Ollis

Devastating, how cld a mother look into an innocent child's eyes harm them... This is sick twisted way beyond belief, they don't even deserve their life for taking an innocent child's life period... I wish they got the same punishment as they bestowed upon their child's sad short life

Eboni TV

I'm glad they chose a female poker pro to teach us about poker. She made it really easy to understand for me (who's never played).

godless 789

Trying to learn all those options of an endgame is a nice exercise but it's not necessary. Many GMs said many times that they play by their INTUITION. Of course you need to be a great player to have that kind of intuition that suggests you the best possible moves in every situation but that's how it works. GMs don't know all of those positions by heart. They don't analyze every possibility either. They just make a move that feels most right to them. (and if they have time then they also analyze it before making it).So the mastery does not come from learning as many positions and solutions as possible. It comes from playing so much that the best moves start to feel natural to you.


Great analysis, Jerry, I love your videos so much!


this is why they need to be taxed more.. clearly an extra million isn't gonna hurt these sick fuckers

pedro aguero

muy bien

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