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They coded a system which search for played games on lichess and if system notices sudden rating changes on game like 4 to mate in 2 or 2 to -5, it automatically realize that there is a possible puzzle.Pkd 100 days run cheytha film.Onek agei egula jani.Thank you for your comment.Extremely, extremely entertaining.Most comments on here have no idea what they're talking about.

I could just tell the Match Results from the title itselfSry DGR, no offense.She has Romanian blood!If planets are formed from supernovae's debris, then everything on Earth's from the exploded star, not just gold.And will you do a video to make a bot which can play to tic tac toe ?Whats your rating?That was intense af.Dam you Fischer.Reminded me of "Chess 101 where you at" - ChessNetwork after getting scholared by the legend Anton.So who cares about your games?At 26:18, were you actually wanting to be on the black side of a Fried Liver Attack (4 Ng5 d55 ed Nxd5)?

I'm making one for my nephew as a graduation gift and would love to hear.Well how about we make you watch it 40 more times on this same video, that'll convince you to buy it.I just don't get what must be going through people's minds when they disliked this video.Wht a game And full energeticanalysis.White moves closer and black pushes the pawn.Your explanation and studying the possibilities for different scenariosand quotations from players Are unique.Is a questionable move.Dobry material filmowy!This is what happen when you are in a draw position but you keep forcing it to win.

Casinos HATE This Man: Find

Casinos HATE This Man: Find

I met Gary in the 90's in Portland.Eu no aguento mais tanta propaganda interrompendo os vdeos, desanimar assistir os vdeos.Anyone stronger playing and she wouldn't have been so lucky )I think YOU are Legend Eric, well done man.King wouldn't "have to move" King could take the bishop, which, yes, would put him in check with Ne5 but now the King moves (to c8), and we could have 15.Pronouciation: foracet like in race.Why queen D8 cant capture rook D7 ?Does anyone know where to get.:) Creative way to do that!

I'd rather play

I'd rather play

I think it's too much to ask for you and Jerry to play some blitz but I can dream :-).After all of these years of watching and following 3Blue1Brown it was Numberphile that finally integrated a face to his voice!The nutcracker was looking at you in the tunnel then was on the chair again. Chaiye to bol me link bhejta hu.Okay but like this animation is really cute.I tried it for my sister's bday.Please do a wee Fusion 360 tutorial.I need one of those flat bar rollers bad.WTF that lady is just leaning on top of her macbook air?James, the way you present your construction techniques undoubtedly gives many new woodworkers the confidence to build awesome projects themselves.



Honestlythere are WAY better tools for way less money if you know where to look.9:34 You could've done Queen d4, and then checked him, and then taken his rook.Ck, he has perpetual !It was fantastic.All lectures r Unique.Is this about cooking rice or about a rocket stove?Chuma degrade cheythu.Just Jones is out of league.How much do you aks for this?YshkviswanathamMscBed.

NG Beast

idk how i found myself watching these chess hustling videos but im glad i did

Jacinda Chapman

At one time in my life I played with and I became lis it got me theat church my moved on thir own cud not peas the Jesus Christ needed and got A Xtrsisum got my out.You need one so that is why I say stop playing with


Nice! The compilation finishes with Bach and not Debussy. We all love Debussy but never finish with Debussy


Hey X Ren has mending on his island. Beesting is a good name for your bow.

Ty Hend

Anyone gonna talk about the thumbnail of the two dudes?

Hamdan Abdullah

Jangan menangis kalau kalah..

John Connor

venus is 81.5%the size of earth but it has a higher pressure? nah.. there is alot disinformation about venus and i think thats another one.. like its color its blue not red or orange

its me bianca torres

i feel how sad is it.. never gives up but when God will really want just trust him

Hendra Putzen

Saya kesini gara² SUNDA EMPIRE

Jaime Banda

Jimmy, how has Kreg not given you a Kreg Foreman. They are so awesome to use. Love the videos brother.

The Cassandra

Sounds delicious!


What if bishop moves to c4 at 3 :53


I wanna see CN vs im rosen


I took some shop classes on the college level and the salt idea was new to me. A caution though I would have is that would the salt dull the blade on a surface plainer or joiner or other machinery?


This is very common in games with one of my friends because he sucks, so I restrict myself by not letting my queen or rooks onto the back 3 ranks...I still win...


Great review bud!



odorf aculep

Who is playing white?

Manisha Jain

How can I replace egg


I just noticed how sublime your arrow making is


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