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Dronavalli Harika | Ujjwala | Sakhi | 27th April 2017 | ETV Andhra Pradesh

There is a significant number of Bernie supporters who won't vote for Biden, and a significant number of establishment supporters who won't vote for Bernie.I expected credits to be given toAncient Indian Mathematicians.But it's sad how people can be Killers even your neighbor can be.

Jesus you're amazing Im a literal newbie to programing and I understand what you're talking you make everything look so easy.It really added a sense of power to that high ground because you have to fight to get up and then attacking from there feels like you have gravity on your side.If u guys look closely, the reason anand dint checkmate is ivanchuk was checking him continuously.Look forward to seeing more.Can we please have one of these with only less than 1000 ratings?Do you get snipe from your planer?

I wish I have that Tools.My brain implode.Fernando Hernandez.It's stockfish favorite opening.I don't really agree with this vid.Doesn't theory say this is a draw as the Knight's pawn needs to be on the third rank to win?Makes you think there's more out there.Your videos are so simple and easy to follow.

Zlatan should stick to soccer!

Zlatan should stick to soccer!

Has Ben taken on Adagamgar yet.Beautiful on both sides.15:41 don't miss this part.We all have run into the problem of walking into the bathroom after having friends over only to see our sink was not strong enough to support their weight.What type of wood did you use?Joke:Chess can be a deadly game.

I mean it

I mean it

Great video, very underviewed.You opened my eyes to Ivanchuk - what a gun.Plz senpai, let me play your games, I have a mobile device so I cant play them.At 5:29 why king can't come to e7 squre please tell me the answer.Master Nava pwde nyo po gawing video yung laro nina Carlsen vs Caruana World Championship.


1:57 This map is wrong, there is no connection between Morocco and Spain

Matthew Ward

Not a fan of the chess pieces. You did such an amazing job on the board and these pieces really take away from it.

Damn daniel

Mrlou Peruzzolo

GrgcRiot not possible because it's a double check both with rook and bishop

Powder Hungry

wow, I had no idea this was 2016, I figured I had to wait a year for the next GM Blitz Final lol

The True Sinkez

What if Linus is telling us not to buy any computer parts because he wants three more petabytes in ssd and hdd

Sergey Rs

That's for world championship only. :)

AlyKat Evans

Ah yes the most relaxing thing to listen to while drawing in bed at midnight

Mohammed Nasim Hossain Bhuiyan

Thanks Susan for your good lessons


What happens if one player runs out of time but the game isn’t finished and the other player still has time left?

Alec Behrman

Tommy Bunz looking like a snack


Good game!


Could you make a snooker cue? I'm from the UK

William Branham

Really good tip onadjusting the blade with hammers.

kerajinan unik

Sangat menarik.....Saya suka karya anda......

adam chang

Once you get to Judith Polgar, people might want to see some of Alexander Morozevich's best games.

Victor what

I’m falling asleep. Goodnight!

Guilherme Garbin

Robert E Lee: that I would cheerfully have lost all I have lost by the war, and suffered all I have suffered, to have this objective obtained.There is a terrible war coming, and these young men who have never seen war cannot wait for it to happen, but I tell you, I wish that I owned every slave in the South, for I would free them all to avoid this war.

Elizabeth Porter

Thats pretty awesome


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