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Dymer Agasaryan Chess Boxing

Aye, Bro would be able to move a bit faster if his jeans weren't sagged to his damn shins.I ain’t gonna reply to any comments so flame me if you want but that dude has got a lil something against whites.Use a good grade masking tape maybe.Princess Peach Ryukahr is my new favorite OC.22, but spawns at Y55.Michigan is both peninsulas.Next time you should paint the back of the decks black, so they do not glow.Why not use screen recorder.

Dunno why im watching this.But maybe cut the chain to correct length.Me, missing mate in 1 and losing: IOnaouicbajohbaq98whDOHA(Fhwqa.Master Dave - Thank you so very much, I have really enjoyed this series of videos of the bobsled!

I'd rather spend my time doing a restoration on a 1950s or earlier Stanley or Craftsman that I picked up at a estate or garage sale for under $15 and make it dance and sing again.My nerd senses are tingling.Watching this in February 2020.I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!What does he mean by granola bars?GOOD THE VIDEO SENKIO.U r misunderstanding my comment.You have to give kasparov credit to staing this sharp, and still be able to compete against the best in the world nowdays, even after being inactive for several years.'' There is always a bigger fish''A surprise to be sure but a welcome one.

Just a simply PC for

Just a simply PC for

Eeceuprices says it all bye bye EU.Cancer is t really easy to 7nderstand I don’t see why we make such big deals over it it’s so stupid how dumb people are now these days like boi u most likely need somebod6 to read u what something says on a piece of useless paper.Been watching ur and its a great help.Nick is so fucking hot and interesting and needs his own video.Cool that you did some give aways.I do like the hidden hinge configuration.You should attach the different stones on four or three sides of theblock instead of changing them all the time.Moreover, Belial's presence acts as a placeholder for all negative influences or those that would potentially interfere with God's will and a pious existence.Your box was finished at 11 minutes and 06 seconds.

Now I get what Eric was saying about chess girls.You did an Awesome Job!That Go back to Africa doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all.Chess GM playing football?You put a super hot guy in a room with hot guys, and suddenly they're all gay.Com declared this match the best game of 2019.

This was waaay too hard to follow.

This was waaay too hard to follow.

If u see this, after 2yrs.I didn't get to see it, but I heard he had a fabulous rook sacrifice.(Sorry I was late).Heating the paint would have reduced its viscosity enough to atomise it.Sir probability ke advance level ke questions ka bhi video bana dijiye plz sir plz plz.I only just found out you can swap the king with rook, why am i here.So in this position, the best move is actualy Na1.I really enjoyed this video it's calm, easypresented, clear,and informative.Find a good husteler play them then film that if they let you better still tue defintion of a hustler is someone who throws games sometimes to draw you in so tell me whens he doing that and when Isnt he?After 18:15 Why not Ne6?

And also it makes sense.Hey Code Train I am a 13 year old kid that has some questions on programming and I have also been having some trouble.We're in the endgame now.I say it's "UNFAIR".Thanks for all your hard work!Carmilla main here!

Dhel of the Zhangkani

Lol! Naalala ko tuloy yung pinagdaanan ko. Nagpakajanitor ako para makapagtapos din sa pagaaral. It was hard, but so worth it.


Actually incredible game!!


Very pretty!

Dick Macgurn

Can't blame a mere human for missing that lol

Dhruv Aggarwal

excellent in - depth video. Thumbs up!


I hope that was a piss take. IIRC the Matterhorn is on the Swiss Italian border, and that square red flag is the Swiss flag :-)I mean, I guess that's quite close to Germany!

James Rendek

I need one for Xmas!

Busta Rogers

This is the guy that accepted a draw from Magnus Carlson when they were only a couple of moves in , Magnus had some sort of stomach trouble and was about to st himself , Magnus quietly asked Vidit for a draw , Vidit saw how uncomfortable Magnus was and agreed looking somewhat bemused lol. What a good dude , i could see the likes of Nakamura and others taking advantage of the situation. Much respect Vidit , wish you the best of luck in the future mate , you're one hell of a talented Man. Edit....ok i just finished the video and freaking WOW , this should be impossible , i can't even comprehend how this is possible lol.

SpongeBob SquarePants

[Event "Game"][Site "Los Angeles Chess Club"][Date "2019.07.27"][Round "1"][White "Dada"][Black "Green Wristband"][Result "0-1"]1. e4 e6 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Be2 e5 4. O-O d6 5. d3 Bg4 6. Be3 h5 7. h3 Bxf3 8. Bxf3g6 9. Nc3 Be7 10. Nd5 Nd4 11. Bxd4 exd4 12. c3 Nf6 13. cxd4 Nxd5 14. exd5 Qd715. b4 h4 16. Bg4 f5 17. Bf3 Bf6 18. Qe2 Qe7 19. Qd2 O-O-O 20. Rfe1 Qg7 21. Re6Bxd4 22. Rae1 Qh6 23. Qc2 Kb8 24. Rc1 Rd7 25. Rb1 Qg7 26. Rbe1 Qf7 27. Qe2 Rhd828. Re8 Bb6 29. Rxd8 Rxd8 30. Qd1 Qf6 31. Re2 Qc3 32. Rc2 Qxb4 33. Rc4 Qb2 34.Rc2 Qd4 35. Re2 g5 36. Qe1 a6 37. Re8 Qf6 38. Re6 Qd4 39. Re8 Qf6 40. Re6 Qb241. Re8 Qf6 42. Re6 Qd4 43. Re8 Qf6 44. Re2 Qd4 45. Qc1 Qf6 46. Qe1 Qd4 47. Re6a5 48. Re8 Qf6 49. Re6 Qd4 50. Re8 Rxe8 51. Qxe8 Ka7 52. Qd7 Qxf2 53. Kh1 Qf154. Kh2 g4 55. g3 gxf3 56. g4 Qg2 0-1


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