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Can u sell me one.Maybe next you could try mating by promotion to knight?In the exaple, the shape of the elipse makes that the ray doesn't get into that little square portion, that's a trick.Ben, Just stick to chess please.These spirits are either evil not children or spirits needing to be released from the demonic spirit holding them which is not easy just saying not that I matter but I love my walks with Most holiest of Deaths.

Comon man, format your code.4 v 1 is so unfair lol.He explained It so bad, It doesn't make any sense.Would a modern super computer be able to handle breaking that code?

Moe no swearing pls I

Moe no swearing pls I

I  like  these moves !God bless you a thousand fold.Com when you make moves for both sides black and white and you want the best move by the engine you just click play with stockfish and you can give him black or white as its his move he plays with you or it even has hint where you can click hint and it directs u the best move) so i put it and the best move recommended by that hint is to play bishop to a3 so i played that move and stockfish did not took that bishop he just placed his queen to e8 and i continued playing with him, couple of moves i took that knight that was pinned, and he had no moves ( of course i was using the hint to help me ply best move) i continued playing until i took aal that pawns on queen side and finally traded queens and it was an easy game.Hey Shaun, great stuff, sure we would have more of your furniture if we lived a little closer.Hilarious and so refreshing with some humble rumble lol.A thick layer of glue is not a good idea, as is roughing up the surfaces for "more glue area". Whenever he suggests an alternative move himself, it loses material immediately.Yes plans would be fantastic.It was said that you would destroythe Dots, not join them!

Now your just showing off.Tfw when you do the timing before the kinetic fingers.A 2D diagram of the game please.A rarity:"I actually have a lead on the clock.WILL IT FIT ON MY LAWNMOWER?The opponent lost the plot hahaha.I was just wondering.

What have we learned?

What have we learned?

30:35 the memory on chess players.Wondering how much something like this would even cost to assemble?Good ol' times on ICC.Why does the "girl" in the pic look like Dylan root?Youre doing a great job!That would heal all my headache.

That is a free knight lad.Techmoan Never saw a "spider" adapter for 45's, though we had a few of the large hole ones.Where did you get this pic from?He cant take with queen because queen D2 is checkmate!Drink lots of caffeine, Antonio, and pump out those vids!What compels someone to fall in love with a killer.Really good job, thanks for taking the time to share with all of Us, for sure I will subscribe to your channel, saying Hola from Mexico, and until next time have a great day and keep sharing.The queen is gay.Plz send me app name.So thanks for that!

Someone would think he was forced to use it.What a joke, my wallet worths 25$ and im doing fine with it.I think my favorite part of this isn't the engineering, it's how excited you get over the simplest thing.These are the best videos ever.Anyway I give Sony kudos for seeing the merit in both larger width tape and faster tape speed all the while hoping they could marry it to a "no-touch" convenient cartridge.That was like watching a cat batting a mouse around for 9 minutes before finally eating it.Techmoan Never saw a "spider" adapter for 45's, though we had a few of the large hole ones.

Amol Kakkar

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Jonathan Cashman

I wonder how TAL would have done in the modern engine dominated era. It seems his style of creating complications and using time pressure isn't what most players go for, as they practice mostly with computers. Seems like a style designed to play against people

Slobodan Draca

I will never sacrifice my queen.

Dash Costello

Oh look, the worlds strongest honda engine


This Is Taylor Swift - Blank Space without a doubt.


27:03 However... however... however... however...

Greg H

Gonna build this.. Wish me luck.

Robert Isaac Tucker

What is the name of the commentator Agadmator, please

Tibi Ryby

It is not that funny. If you know endings Q vs Rp you should know draw is very frequent result.

Not YouTube Algorithm

lol I remember back when I was a child (10 maybe) and my much older friend would checkmate me with only 2-4 moves. I'd used to think that I'm so good at chess back then, even though I have no clue about how to play it properly. My "set up" will always be the same. I'd move the pawn at the far left and far right to spaces, then move both rooks 2 spaces. Bring the knights out and then finally move the 2 pawn in the middle 2 spaces. The idea is to move the rook infront so they could go out. I rarely uses my bishop and my queen because for some reason I act like the queen is this secret weapon so I shouldn't use it, unless it is very crucial. Basically I act like the queen is a nuclear bomb. I don't know what castling is and the objective of the game for me it would be to capture all the pieces when ever you get the chance. So in a regular chess game one would not capture a piece if it would allow them to capture that piece and then opening up his area. Back then I'd always capture pieces and anyone who doesn't capture my piece would've made a blunder and is clearly an idiot. Yeah I was really bad at chess and arrogant.

John Allison



I don't know squat about machining, but like a kid who sits there watching heavy equipment move dirt, I find it fascinating to get a front row seat like this to watch Adam apply his amazing skills to create things. And not only does he keep his video camera aimed and focused to let me watch everything up close, but his communication skills are remarkably good, too. Even a dummy like me can understand what he's doing. I can't imagine how much money is sunk into that shop (his employer's), but it's gotta be a ton. Just look at the length of that lathe 20:50. It's longer than my car! Like many other novices here, you have me hooked, Adam!

Matthew78 585

John John even though the stream was messing up 3-0 vada fly sho time wat up keep reppin


awesome video mate we need more


If she only knew how easy it was to open that box... beautiful set thanks for sharing.

Muhammad Shoaib

Capture capture capture n so on

Duy Khnh

why you code it very easy? :))

Mychelle VanSchaick

show me again on how you was going to win.... playing one type of strategy thru the whole game is fruitless.... I do wonder what the other player was thinking noob


checkers of life

Doug Holtby

I  was looking at this  with gull 3 and  stockfish 9  and  got  a draw     (   ....h6   and knight back  to f3   )  impressive !!   then   white  won  next time !!   ...another  draw  followed !   ......I  like  these moves !

Alex Fish

Nile Red, Peter Sripol, Tom Stanton, William Osman, AND Allen Pan in a video together?!? My dreams have become reality!

Proton Gaming

How to make a simple game better?LASERS



Beloglavi Sup

1:38 Carlini should play c4 - double attack.

Luis Nieves

Great job. Lu


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