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Ed Sheeran - Shape of You (Tamil Version) | Joshua Aaron | Hiphop Tamizha Mashup ft. Laya

What are supposed to do with this information?Very nice work xo.Water into epoxy?Your addition at the end made it even more beautiful.

Not sure if these are the 'best moves'.I really enjoyed.I love that she asks Brady questions.Like any project, I made a few mods to make it my own.Because Mikhail tal was very old.

Do you use

Do you use

They have no clue.I remember till i was 12 i was never able to beat my meternal grandpa in chess!Whatever makes some people do horrible things, whatever the reasons.Kkkkkkk baianinho mundial.This is the "Battle Vs Chess" game :DGreat video, nonetheless :-).Best of luck next time.Otherwise a sweet vid!

This guy is a shrill like Bill Nye.This game was just wow.This is the best chess games i ever seen, no time to calculate, even the computer doesn't think that fastthumbs up to both.Dry ingrediant means.The thing that struck me.Beautiful, elegant trap.Nepo looks gay af.Stream pokemon i anh i.This was a fun one.Very instructive.

Vat 19 is awesome just

Vat 19 is awesome just

" when he does XD.What an excellent job.Berserk a game ?4:50 when Alireza doesnt play it, its not a good line.And they interrupted him to show dj efn a pick that pussy drake liked wtf.Another great video.O Prancishke mozno vlozit pesniu o more :-) Hi.Thank's a lot from Moscow, Russia!

ChucklesYou mean.Sometimes I sculpt them from scratch, but other times I'll start with a plastic vacuform mask the kind you'd buy at an art supply store, or even a halloweenparty supply store.Its not genghis.Does whites g4 instead of Ke3 causes an ultimate 3-fold repetition?Pips like this should b killed.Seems like it was programmed to go northsoutheastwest.Brilliant Classics nunca abandones!He is overweight so that is very good for his health.

A doctor, male nurseorderly, or another mental patientcaptive?I was instantly attracted to this game, just in interest of the 3 other opponents you will have to strategically beat into submission.Have just started to make wooden eggs so this makes it one hell of a lot easier to sand them down than holding them in your hand.This is as extreme as a sport can get.Good man agadmator!A big thank you!Imagine watching hikaru and then coming here to watch Eric saying "check.Then he began to go downhill with age.In practical everyday life, this doesn't matter.


Great Idea! I love to use tools in a way they were not supposed to use... :) Creative way to do that! :) Thanks for sharing! Your shakers turned out very well, I like a simple design!



Regina Petty

9, someone was on the stairs

Corbbin Goldsmith

No, he's just a person who redefines the potential of the human mind. I always wonder what Magnus would be doing if it weren't for chess.

Jon Keilman

Sweeeeeeet!!!!You've paid excellent attention to your dad !!

Mrs Gumpie Gump

Damn this must be SO satisfying when you can stand back n look at the beautiful job you've done! It's really a beautiful piece.

Gabriel MZA

Hikaru's skills are obviosly beyond great but after I discovered his channel I can't help thinking he's somewhat arrogant... lots of unecessary things said to Levy Rozman in this vid

Brian Jones

Sorry but I don't believe Little killed as many as he claimed..are we to believe that he couldn't get away with any crimes growing up yet he's somehow managed to kill almost 100 women over the years?! I don't buy it at allLol at his drawings actually being composites of victims

Copper Blockhead

Sargon III on the 128K Macintosh was my first sparring partner with any reasonable frequency.


Magnus simply got outplayed. Then he went on to destroy the field.

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