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That IM is such an asshole.Now I really want to buy some nitinol.Really slows down production.SHOUT OUT TO CLIPS AND PHARA FOR GIVING THE FANS THE MOST ENTERTAINING INTERGENDER RAP BATTLE EVER RBE.Still don’t see Minecraft 2.

So i guess i was right lol.I practice till my fingers bleed for the ukelele.Your son is learning how to learn and will remember these projects forever.

People are doing this now.Well if you would have no borders in chess, the open tour at 1:56 would be kind of closed :p, just jump to the right and 2 up.Thank you very much for these useful advices!Sandpile processors.This Man is a God.Most of the technology they worked with was all new or made up at the time.40320(Grime checks for every square)Grime: 64ncr8 4426165368me: ohh okay.

If apple release tech like sylinder today.Thanks Igor - you make a very good case and I shall certainly introduce this component to my in-game analysis.Misspelling words and colours, how can you call someone black or white in this mode wtf.First learn history then narrate it.But this one kept me awake!Very boring play 1200 players play far better than this shit.

I've whacked so much that I don't even think when I do it and with all this whacking going on - it's pretty hard to concentrate on anything else!Tadi skak kok gk dimakan:v.Come on Daniel, let him effin speak.God, thats why I hated carpentry.The answer to the question is a sign that said "I am a planet".Amazing story my brother.You want to be able to tell that child she’s loved and to hold her and be there for her.


Hikaru: Ok h3 is logical. I can't take that OBVIOUSLY. Me: uhh.. Yea you're so rigth Hikaru. Can't say I'm sure why but taking that pawn seems like a really stupid move.

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Are you serious with all these ads?

Goutham Deepak

Happy birthday Vishy

Laxman Singh Bisht

One guitar for me

Alex’s Stuff101013




Mark Martel

A queen and five pawns? Insane game. Right before that? Surprise Botez gambit in the Taimonov... Which you convert to a win. This video is the best ever.

I'm an ADULT

His parents created a demon


By the way,to me Eric shoudnt upload this video,Naka beat him in overal like he was patzer,plus this game was draw,but Naka didnt want a draw...

Menda Ramanaiah

Please do sathwik on chalk please

Paul Dawson

We're very fortunate that you have such friends and connections .Allowing us a glimpse into a world we'd otherwise probably never see.

dilip patel

not too many people have the type of machinery you were using, this is not how to video but just look and see what you did video

Michael Jim Villamayor

i loled "my rook will be watching things from the sidelines"

Marc Garito

Is the comments person are russian ?


what should i do if when i move my bishop to b5 he does a6 ?

Arjun Prasad

2:01:35 uff what a kanji dialogue

Meeno123 123

Crust itni dark nhi hotipan me

Kumar Mukesh

Super anand


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