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Fun fact: YouTube Algorithm suggested me YOUR video while I've never seen any of the other videos!Since this will be used with food, a food-safe finish is a must!Simply we could say the delta is negative so there is no solution to this problem!

Do you freeze your cake or chill after baking?Thanks for sharing!Kinda dumb how stockfish even has a timer.

Eric didn't believe his friend until he met with John Searl himself.15:26 thres a shadow.All my friends at school know how to play a chess.Please go back and see well!I enjoyed your humour and watching you use those lethal weapons (I mean tools) You have a great selection there.

I definitely saw ned's on my fyp a

I definitely saw ned's on my fyp a

Although that helps!Play online chess forFREE.Choose a cardMe: ummmmm heart's queenis this?We want more about the Keplar planets.Tro co vua nay ten gi vay.Lol the last blitz game where she nearly refused to let him sac the queen for more than a pawn was really amusing.

Brother, I never comment on videos,

Brother, I never comment on videos,

The expensive chess set is pretty indeed, but.Beautiful cutting board!Sir how much your rating.Can't express how much I appreciate your videos and the paradigm shift it has given me.I love watching these videos over and over.Wish they would talk about the Jews.A great out of the box way to make balls.You had me with the torsion box!Those knights are breathtaking!

It's a frozen snapshot

It's a frozen snapshot

What I learned: 1.Live indian audience was a great idea.That checkNeighbors function helped me make chess Game thank you so much.I never thought I would live through a "Rick Morty" episode.This is real good yet i disagree.Like dragon's fire.Clamp and vice you have in the shop.

Could you mention

Could you mention

Here is a nice looking little hand plane!When a Top player makes a mistake and loses, that is not an interesting game.But if you go higher than that and go up to polishing, those dents deform the reflection, because its not a straight surface.Haha, love the shirt!Mas bagai mana jika gajah putih kembali lagi ke C4 ?If not I'm pissed.I am priyanka halder we worked in fiverr.They predicted mars and lunar colonies would exist before year 2000, lol.

Takoqo m ne uvideli u vas ne

Takoqo m ne uvideli u vas ne

The third column is ((x-1)2)x.Chivalry (buy only when it'son sale) 7.Iraq is proud of Making maths !They saw whatever the artist drew up in their studio.I've seen the fork before Magnus.He should have taken the knight on c6.

John Smith

Kick that maggot out that is exactly what America doesn't need scum trash talking crap


Scientist Kara and Unicorn are drinking Disoronno lol Nice.


Wait.... How don't you just take the 2 sheep cross the riven first then take the Wolf..........

Kunal Sharma

The letters in chess are misplaced while playing chess light square (light side) always comes to players right side hence A B C D starts from black and end at H at black Here A is starting from dark square instead of white light square which is incorrect else a nice videoso A1 should be a dark square

Ankit Banerjee


Boom Man


Mohammed Yaqoob

This is extremely soothing video. You are very talented nice piece of work.

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