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Yes shellac comes from bugs but the bug constantly feeds on the sap of the tree it's on so I guess it's processed sap kind of a natural plastic they sometimes call it :O.Chess with Suren.I know this sounds hella weird but hear me out, I’ve been thinking if I was a serial killer I would like to be called the mm serial killer and how I would gain that title would be t leave a bag of mms by the dead bodies.More like this, please!Didn't your admiration for this guy just skyrocketed?I for one went to their channel - which I have never been to before - simply to hit dislike.Nakakaiyak habang nanood relate ako sa sakit mawalan.There is always a attic and basement in a old building.

Only in America could a video about the blindingly obvious be considered revelatory.Thats a real BOB SLED.But I kept stopping the video closing it and then coming back to it at least 10 times now lol.The Nirvana song to add would be lithium.It was a good game thou.And does that keep it shiny or no?And a really nice table, too.If you can't make knives in heaven, then I don't want to go there.8:56 Why Kf2 not Castle?

Of course no one could afford to buy at t.I wanna build a dummy facebook singup page and while build the page i fce a lot of problems using div tag when i use float then 2 or 3 divs are goes out side of the div.Greatest attacking player in the history of the game.Better than porn.On this one I need to give some negative feedback.Screams in confusion.

Hammer came off like a douche

Hammer came off like a douche

Please let me know if I am wrong I just want to learn.Damyyum that Johnny Bravo Sent his Ass.Four Corners Official Trailer (2013) HDp.We use them on chisels (including for furniture-making), leather punches, stamps, froes, splitting wedges and other strikable tools.Otherwise they are clear surrounded by blue and will still be seen no matter how thin.You are so resourceful, very clever.


If I was the cop I driving around I would stop periodically to whoop his as a little.

Simon says

50:54Draw? Droaaw? No draw.

Winter Nunya

Unfuckin real. What are these worth? They look like their worth a lot of money. I would pay it whatever it is. Not to exceed 50 bux. Lol


Loy idol

Felipe Ramon

Years have passed and I still don't know what is the "sorry about that" about...

Hung Doan

Wow, that mate Magnus finds at the end.Sorry, Agadmator!

Crowned One

I do believe there isn’t a more thoroughly motion documentary about Alexander the Great anywhere.Bravo to you, Epic History!

pepek kuda

Amazing. Kontol

Daniel Kabakov

RaouldaManager us ma boyyy XDXD

Aaryan Kumar

I wonder that when someone is drawing those kinds of stuff and if the model is male, what if they get some HARD thing which was at first soft?

Ian Mathieson

An extremely well planned video.Its amazing how much detail can be so clearly communicated without any words.Your design is very well thought out and implemented.You’ve inspired me to subscribe.Keep up the good work.


Show respect fking CNN! "This guy" achieved more then any of you and us can ever dream off! Think about that. when u laughing to Amy Schumer and then stop laughing and tell her she is bad in joking. If its your job, you shouldnt be bad at joking Amy Schumer.

Ranko Pasic

6:26how about white Bishop to G6? It seems like perfectly good move orI am missing something?

Son of the Allfather

11:50 -- I was expecting that rare "King Sacrifice" others have played against Carlson.

Fadil Sheikh


Stuart Liddle

What about a rotary engine? they dont have pistons, silly idiot.


He’s fascinating, such a genius at chess


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