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El Rey Mas Valiente del Universo | ¡Ajedrez Nivel 3600 de ELO!

Sakit kepala ku bang.Cheating is okay if you don't get caught.Ang hands po ng mga palabas nyo lalung laluna ang yan.''Everybody has a king'' my favourite game of chess.I bet he used bots for most of his subs, i've NEVER heard of his name and suddenly he's one of the most subscribed channels in the world.Just got a MacBook Pro 16".

Or do players technically have the option to continue playing with insufficient material if they don't claim the draw?To unpredictable.What about portions of land held by a country to which the portion is not connected, or exclaves.

You're the bomb.InnerText player.It's supposed to be so perfect and pleasurable (like being inside joy), Guinan basically has PTSD trying to forget it, and Soran plots mass murder for decades just to return, and yet Picard becomes disillusioned within minutes, and Kirk becomes bored after jumping a single ditch with a horse.I’m a long time woodworker and i just came across your video and noticed you doing a lot of things that could be corrected or made a little bit easier.Thanks you all my dear wonderful people out there.Hey Steve, watching your vids in 2019.That kid's name is "the kid that screams" now.I love you but I think people watching videos like this know what symmetry is.I didn't have quite enough spare-time to watch your videos for a while, but this one really reminds me how much of a gifted teacher you are.2:17:50 when your girlfriend calls uwhile u're playing.

),and if you're careful enough, the results

),and if you're careful enough, the results

Another variation will be after f4 Bc3 giving check white will depend by d4 then Bxd4 giving check white defends by rook f2 then queen to h1 will be checkmate.Instead of pretending it's a baby pretend its that d.Can't wait for the endgame lesson on triangulation.Really I dont believe what I just sow!Just curious, would a miter cut work for the rails and stiles?How can u be 1300 and not know how to mate with queen and king man dafuq, cool vid Aman i 've learned a lot again ).I wood solve all of this for 231321321 years.Im trying to create the basic game for myself with some extra's but i'm walking into a major error.Do you mean a vase?

5 speed plackback.They belong to the US Military Intelligence Unit.How do you prevent the two halves of the sheath from epoxying themselves to the actual blade during the glue-up?Keep up the good works.Definitely a part time memelord.DavisGr was cheating, and has been reported and blocked.He should have lost on 30.It’s the same damn game presented multiple times in slightly different formats.

And I thought my mind was blown

And I thought my mind was blown

Its really cool.Step by step details!22:31 black can take with knight on D5?I actually thought he was gonna melt wood.What a bunch of fucking trolls in the comment section.I am very impressed with this young man.


only fgts use engines

Ralph Utley

Bravo., another outstanding restore....


First... third... I'm confused right from the start. Obviously. :o

Carlos M. Vega Jr.

1500 lichess and i found the move. But obviously it's a little different when you know there's a move that changes the situation watching a chess commentary video lol

Rochie Malunes BEE YOUNIQUE

Thanks for sharing greetings from Finland



Rob With One B

I recently made a chess board and I used many of the methods you use here. Thank you!

Seven Sisters

The last 10 secs

Ro Magz

Favorite love team ko 'to.

Janet Merner

Bernie Sanders is a good man, who cares about everyone.Americans will never vote for Bernie Sanders as the majority of Americans are hateful ignorant greedy bigots. I would rather see another Demoncrat win than have to live in a country that has Repubiclan like Donald Trump as leader.

Matthew Barbara

Hi im wondering how did you get the i pad hooked up to the recorder im wondering because i have a pile of nos blank 8tracks and have the same recprder

Matthew B

You got to geedy

Bill Edis

Beautiful job!


Queen to f8


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