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Endgame Exploration #1: A tricky pawn endgame

Great trap manp.I don't know whether it is faster to mill or to turn though, but unfortunately I don't have a milling machine.I ment first but now im second!Been listening to it.It seems several great chess players end up losing it.

This video remind me, somehow, the episode or Futurama about switching minds between couples.Who's in their right mind sand blasts wood?Blackwallstreet1313 The Invisibility Cloak And The Library Scene.

Can v use gee insted of butter.Magnus: "the famous agadmator" agadmator: "My plan was to resign".Bishop takes a2Good commentary though.Im not even a machinist.If they have weird eyes, they are serial killers!She says it in her line when you stare into the abbys, The abbys stares back.

How old is james grime probably 40.This guy sound like ed miliband.It's like 90 seconds is worth a queen.I'll use that when making my grinders.The editing work in game 2 of the playoff is so hilarious good!Great video and build!Why hasn't anyone commented that this spells out BAMF, or am i just that old :(.Aman and eric crushed it and had fun at the same time.Magnus Carlsen lol epic game but bobby fischer passed away a couple years ago.Where is elcallasico game fabiano caruana vs mamedyrovp.

Why do you

Why do you

But very beautiful final product.I can see how they move and interconnect.Thinking of expanding my business by doing online teaching as well.The question is if you can make money doing all theses things why arent you focused on utilizing them to make money yourself?Surely, Ptolemy knew Pythagoras' theorem, and found a generalization of it.This video was produced December 2, 2009!Just like a fool i too was emotionally cried without knowing that there won't be lif at the end of universe.Where is the next video of circular permutation?

) A one handed bearded axe is a

) A one handed bearded axe is a

This man is golden.I'm a Journeyman.No one :The crowd :.Me and my friend were playing chess the other day and we wanted to make things more interesting so we stopped playing chess."Checkmate ends the game"-ChessNetwork.:)Keep up the great work,Back to tournament,Watch out for the Blue Chicken!6222633-36sqrt(4)sqrt(4)sqrt(4)4555666-667-776(sqrt8(88))!Agadmator’s Chess If Tal played in modern times, how do you think would he fare against players like Carlsen and Caruana?Wow very good God bless you.

King can't go of the board !

King can't go of the board !

I understand that it is what the customer wants though.Will you everest do the laundry?Bro DC UNCHAINED IT NOT ON PLAY STORE.This makes me think of better times thanks mate for uploading.If i'm not mistaken, all of this is still just a theory.Schultzen vs Paul Morphy.Sir can we pay our Flipkart bill or payment by paytm cash sir please reply.Probably because you already know it's a bad idea.L its not as simple as Douglas makes it seem in this video.The tactical monster for a reason.

jaspreet singh

game is great but I don't know how to play.

Jonny Wonderland

Free the clowns!

Betty Jane

Beautiful video Anna love your humor as well! I have to add that those scissors are the whimpiest scissors I’ve ever seen ha!

Pranit Pandey

At 10.52 what about Nf3 ?? Protects the rook and attacks the black rook simultaneously.

Santi utami

Penyemangat disaat lagi badmood

Robert Everett

Never gotten a better man for the job, JASON is another referrable and trust worthy hacker, you can contact him on 13254396697!


where can I buy this?

Chris Goldthorpe

I hope experienced chess teachers understand that putting the Queen and King first carries the risk of misplacing one of them."line of attack" is confusing for knight. This is the clearest of all so far. (Oh and do NOT but any chess set which costs less than about $4 - it may be junk) All information is quite clear and there is no heavy foreign accent to try to listen to.

Ital Moss

How can you call it a Dovetail jig if you only cut a dovetail on one board and the other one is a straight pin... doesn't make sense to me... the shape of your pins should not match the holes you cut out on the other board imo... it's like putting peas and strawberries together...


Phara sexy and got bars i like her voice n look


The artist: Watch how you talk to yourselfMe as an artist drawing: I fucking hate this, this is disgusting


gotcha, i just did that, let me know next video if it sounds better.thanks for the advice.I'm always trying to improve to make the best channel possible

Nick Eman


zienab hendawy

Cidado Patriota

Que bela arte!!

Amazing work

Cole Thomson

"I'm a bit of a neanderthal" Magnus Carlsen lmao

Peter Lalic

Great video! For those who want hundreds of free chess lectures on any aspect, please check out my channel. I finished =17th in the British chess championships.


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