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Epic battle between Kirito and Integrity Knight Lady Fanatio

20:02 "OHHHH DEADLY MATE" -priceless.Imagine being a barista in the day and bartender at night.Gr8 Teaching n Speech.

Since you have the fence set so nice use it as is and when it blows outadd a piece right in front of it.Disappointed I bothered watching (update: made FB public, loaded a 5min 2 hour tourny I did on Chess.1) Do you know you could actually make money online ?

This was awesome!Great Job of explaining triangulation.As soon as I finished watching your video I immediately ordered aluminum brass wire both.Bhai horse ko dekho Mar Raha hai kala wala.Me: i will never learn chessLater Me:This is so easy.Sacing all pieces and forcing a win!Want to play in this chess board then your only way is to turn the chess board to start with a black square are your far left edge.Congrats on the new shop!

In the weather itself.Personally I decided the black hole would destroy a radius of 3x3.How the Boston Dynamics dog-robot could behave on Mars?I like how you setup the room including the vacuum cleaner in the back.How come his speedrun starts at my rating?Bhai check mate nahi he horse canprotect the king.You make beautiful dangerous items and each step in the creation is quite an accomplishment.May have to try it.Most people do not look outside the obvious when playing chess.

One must just remember no to mix PD screw with Philips screwdriver and vice versa as it will damage the screw.What happnes when u put a neodymium magnet phone?Of seeds becoming trees 1221on day 4the remaining seed will become tree therefore it will take 4 days.The surface almost looks 3-Dimensional.I needed simple ways to do this.

Man plz post fruit

Man plz post fruit

StandingOvation- Cathy (, accidentally, Steve), OttawaBytown.Carlsen is the one.Can you do a video of nakurama vs hustlers in South africa.Love your shows.This piece is priceless!

I wonder why mathematicians

I wonder why mathematicians

Nice set cool carving.HAHAHAHA hi lodi.Deep blue vs deep shit.What’s this variant.Talks too much in the exposition.Take into account also that the touch tone phone layout was originally 4x4, including the keys for A, B, C, D.More people should shoot up Mcdonalds.Worse off is that he was killed off in such a crappy movie.You forgot to put a regular damn baby into a blender so the macbook can outperform your $20,000 gaming rig.

Adam Cochran

This is a great example of Magnus purposefully failing to see something to maintain the ruse that he is human.

Joerie Isuga

So my forever it comes to love

Antoine Fortin

Thanks a lot for this!


remember doing this at Uni, loved it

janmesh mathur

Nice work.. Like to see hansen vs nakamura

Sion Gardner

Sicilian Defense - Open - Sozin Attack


lmao. "A tic tac means you're fresh." Tell that kid to quit chess and move to hollywood.

Hondo Trailside

The Joiners are cheap, and the main cost is the fence which in most situations one does not need.So get a decent one and wait for the savings to pour in.What savings you may well ask:Thebiscuits are cheap you can actually replace other tools with one, like I have two mortising machines I mostly don't use at this point, but if a guy really wanted to cut back you would not need all the stuff from vises to hand saws that people spend a fortune on and you can use shorter pieces of wood so there are some savings thereI enjoy my woodworking, but if you are more pragmatic about him, more a honey do list kind of person, you will save huge amounts of time.Not having one is a false economy.

Alex Hashaga

Paul morphy the type of dude to lick his finger before flipping the page on his newspaper

John Michael Manalang

Love ur vids!


Lol that turkey died for this

Nick Callahan


Sergei Nikolajevich



USA USA !!!!


I'm just a beginner but I think rook can block the check

Giacomo Passardi

4:19 here is why xuxin is world rank n.1 again.Thanks for your videos man, keep going with this beautiful channel

Malen Adre

can you make me one or more for free if you will be ok with that because me and my friends and i like to put a chair in the back of our sofa and we will go lower and go to the chair and we will just stand up and we are not rich we are phillippino if your ok


Why am I watching this I recently beat a computer on grandmaster level

Lm Nguyn


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