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I have learned a lot.Hahaha must of laughed out loud 5times during that vid.Blamed his parents, scum.I’m surprised I don’t hate music.The WORLD SPINS AROUND 365 TIMES A YEAR YOU, YOU, KID!The kind of thoughts I have while I'm studying.Freaking Ace, Simon!

I like how capablanca wasnt lazy to analyze his games only to calculate midgame."I'm not going home.He is so awesome !Wow, this is real artwork!US Everyone tries to do the right thing even if the leader is wrong.Is the dude 1:43 only eleven?

I mean, the absolute center and the entire circumference are probability0.This reinforces my belief in Monte Carlo methods.Imagine this queen sacrifice is not a sacrifice its just an accident and the enemy manage to choke the game.This is truly one piece of furniture I would love to have in my home.The same with day 5, take away "at least" for Alice, she knows he saw exactly 8 trees.Sir Please Explain Something Here how the grid is being drawn what is role of game manager all of this this going over my head.

Well Mato is my favorite actually.But thats the magic of youtube.Only real on the ball developers make money rest fuck off.CHEATING SCUMBAG !Of pieces but most importantly the positioning of your pieces.Please upload 4corner radius program in manual typing by easy method EG size is 105 square 4 corner R12radius can u explain in easiest method to program.Did mods force him to resign because he had an easy mate but wouldnt do it or did he resign himself because he didnt care and knew he wasnt going to win the tournament no matter what ?So nice thank you.Some serious work here.Hello Kind People!

I was wondering

I was wondering

But motivating children is something much more.Positivelyinsane, bESt way possi-lUv this artisan, U.His eyeswere soulless!Your cake looks lovely!I'm a metal fabricator not an artis, but man I think I could really get interested and deep into jewelry making after watching this video.I love IM Rosen's personality- calm, patient and supportive.I really appreciate this series.Well played, m’lord.The lesson is pawns can not go back If they go far from their king will be naked as seen from the game.Wow so impressed to see the backstory.

His mom and religion were just used as excuses for his behavior.But with the current climate of how Google and YouTube have been treating other content creators, like yourself I will be going to bitchute because just once you have to stand for what is more important.Click download on the Youtube website and download 'Eldorado'.Old balu chattan.If you don't know how many open tours there are then how do you know there isn't one that is totally magical?But a great lack of sleep remedy video I suppose.Love this series, keep em coming!Good learning video.Nobody:Litterally nobody:Cj: I have to pee.Guys an f'n genius.

El Perro

Very nice.Thank you for putting the video out here for us to watch.

. Mike C .


lasa durgaprasad

Thank you

Kevin Chud

In my area, Lowes has an in-house saw for cutting sheets, Menards does not cut but has pickup trucks right outside you can rent for $20 and to my knowledge Home Depot has neither.




Hey Mike, not sure if you'll see this but is there a certain place to submit a case for you to look into?

Robert Berger

She could be a successful movie star

2 3

Mielis Baltruks

Can anyone comment?! - on 51:03 I found Bishop to g5.I can't find any flaws with that move.

Palfi Csaba

Congratulations, You are an excellent water taster. For those who just want to enjoy the show, there is Evian. :D :D

Pabolo Picasso

I love listening to this while looking through a window.

Clayton Firth

Take my money. Want one!

Nitin Kalra

Well praggu helped him to reach play off by drawing the beast in blitz chess Nakamura so I strongly feel that Anand should share his half prize money with praggu and keep other half himself for winning the playoffs


Suggestion Svidler - Andreikin..last round today...Andreikins queen sac!


17:56If the king moves to c7:Ke6 forks the king and bishop so while will have a knight vs two pawns. That should end in a draw.You forgot to mention that one.

Brilea Yarber

8:02 I see what you did there Zach or should I say ARRON BURR


Sweet little stand!

Franklin Souza

"You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig."

Boss Man

I accept Magnus as my Lord and savior!!!


Wow, I'm impressed that is a lot of work, looks really great ! Awesome job.

Home Made Food

Amythist Scarlet



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