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Poplar paints beautifully and cost less than Oak, Walnut, Ash etc.I'm about to lose my mind.Why is there always haters dislikes?

A little tease on the chair.From whites perspective from left the file starts from A - H going to the right now still from whites perspective from a square starts 1 - 8 going up.Great video, thank you.You spoiled the fun.You have to be one of the very best out there for your technique and explanationinstruction.I like this gambit.The day you hit 100k subscribers I’m opening a bottleof champagne.

Now a tough problem here is the player can't face left or move and automatically change between "walk" and "run".Enjoy the Vishy Anand 50th Happy Birthday Video:.My favorite chess player of all time!I heard a 1930's 6 minute radio interview of Alekhine, in English.WOW-WOW-WOW that’s a super fantastic peace of art.

You should do an

You should do an

Yeah I don't like Linus, I don't care about PC culture, but he's too shady for me.Thanks for sharing, take care.14:41 oooo my god.The clock was really satisfying wkwk.It disclosed a great deal of amazing success.

I like it very much.Don't mess with Medo!Also subliminal messaging, "gift for your friends" "souvenirs".An eleven year old kid opening d4.If the white Castle to (C7).How many queens are you allowed to have pawned.Don't rape strangers folks.

This is awesome to hear.

This is awesome to hear.

A hamster shelf!Sharing your preparation in a bullet video, lol.What was amazing is, after Rxa5, Naka thought it was draw, Svidler thought it was draw, Yasser and Co.I needed an insulin shot after watching this but it was so much fun, easy on the eyes and infinitely preferable to trash talking.I assume there are a lot more passive viewers of your channel than active ones.Thank you so much for sharing your talent.How can i possibly see doggo now?Black can protect b7 with rook or queen, what he can't stop is Qe8.

That has to come with experience, preference and with a hands-on-approach.My goddamned Milwaukee impact driver's bit (also milwaukee) keeps slipping out of deck screws (square holes)!It won't work because my opponent has a brain.The people who disliked isLACTOSE INTOLERANT.Being a former special ed teacher really made me good to teach.Thanks for sharing.

But a little "thank you for a good

But a little "thank you for a good

Ne kadar gerizekal bir ocuk.But, can you make the table legs split wider, considering its height I think it's prone to tip over.I think Geechi switched his 2nd and 3rd.U can solve 8 8 8 6 by the square root of 8!Not hating but 3am challenges are bullshit if a place is haunted it’s haunted but at night it may be scarier.The opponent is giving Chance to win the girl.If it ain’t simple to understand, it’s a lie.Tf is he singing doe.I think that's the first time I've seen you miss mate in one.


Key lines:5:07 Look at his face, unhappy...6:55 Big Blunder, BIG BLUNDER...18:04 Anand will drink some... drinks...19:04 King coming... like train... on time......


Hey guys I was trying to follow this, unfortunatly it appears to be broken code for some of the latest versions of unity.I had removed the debugging area and added the mouse click to change tile text to the new value but it keeps say object reference not set to an instance of an object, I hate this error and it drives me nuts please help THANKS!


Just a tired old hack riding on stories of the old days. Stop feeding the troll.


Why 8 x 8 and not 10 x 10 ? We are a base 10 animal so it would seem to be more logical.Unless there is a mathematical advantage to an 8 X 8 board.

Michael Thomson

I had to read about Tarasoff for my torts class. Super messed up case.

Many Qualms


Robert Girdner

Instead of using blue tape you can also use transfer tape that’s meant for vinyl stickers. This gives you a much more even cut across your whole surface.

Cynog Rhys

Yes, you made it.... you made it....and its good.


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