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Everyone Got This SAT Math Question Wrong

U should do some short videos sometimes.Otherwise, you are very skilful and have done beautiful job.I'll see if I can find my jig patterns and send you a link to them.

But Ive no idea how you fit them if a special tool is need.3:24 I heard EA sports.Would you mind to review this play from shigatsu kimi no uso (your lie in april) live version?Your very fortunate (radio wise) to be in the UK as there is still much to listen to easily.Or me laying the 4x8 sheet flat inside my Sequoia with no drama.

What about Gandalf’s.

What about Gandalf’s.

Flying cars are actually hybrids and not really cars.Saw the first and the last one!6:04 could Qxh4 then white can't recapture due to Kf4 forking white's king and queen?Thank you for posting.I don't know who's wrong or right you or the internet.There is some flaws such as how can one move the horse without moving the soldier but reallycool project.Sir your videos are completely superb.I believe Levon had this opening prepared with stockfish (Or some other engine) and that bishop move was setting up those sacrifices.Was he watching your stream?

I’m glad you showed the mistakes.Nice to see one of these old games being analysed.Why didn't you use java.Com such perfect chess game ever made online.So the answer is -800 -200 worth bag 1000.Not he polishing was very,successful.

In the eyes of Robert, both are bad and win just because the other is worse.What type of glue is that?So does this still hold up if a country has disconnected territory that still has to be colored the same as its country?The kids are bamming Ben up with his own banter.This time I tried to pause the video after like every move by black and tried to find the right moves as I think this helps a lot to improve as a player.


well played. well deserved

Kevin Gray

Great recap! I love that you had some Leela insights and focused on many different lines than Grischuk did in his commentary. One interesting thing Sasha mentioned about the rook ending is that white actually prefers to have the pawn structure 'ruined' by being doubled on the f-file. It lets you trade the former g-pawn for a central pawn, making it impossible to create a passed pawn there. A much easier draw than if the pawns were left intact.

Luis Rodrguez

I love the "American Staunton" model

Shad K

play at chess(dot)com! chesscube have loggin probems.


Can somebody please answer what exactly this even is?!

Marco Trevisan

1 like for the gold star cameo

bhavya ramgiri

what if 3 people are asked to sit in the circular arrangement out of 6 people.

Hani Saber

Very nice jobs

Prateek Sharan Lall

I make that wipe-on poly every day in my bedroom! Wonderful table though

Nirmallyo Chakraborty

I like the tug of 2 twin he 111 combined


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