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Everything (feat. Salaya)

I have NEVER found even ONE board that was straight.Bro, I was born on Nov.Nothing like a little Bossa Nova to help the time pass.What if the opponent has a brain.1:07 Beautiful cut.

I mean kirk was a subsistute for gininan

I mean kirk was a subsistute for gininan

He’s for sure my least favourite.On 6:38 if the king moves to f6 u cant take rock because u will get mated on queen a3, how do you solve this?Nd u can't take either of a or b to be 0.They built the first jet fighter and would have had atomic weapons, but special forces held them up in norway.This was awesome!Have a laugh with the one and only GingerGM, hilarious moments of the funniest grandmaster!These are masterpiece.

I think they would compliment each other quite well since you won't need to keep feeding the fuel into the rocket stove.This is a fantastic design, build and video.Nice job, i remember when you made that dart board on dirty money, that one was nice too."down in the thingie below" insta sub This guy speaks my language.The rockstar of chess!In 1932 Mariana Rejewski, Jerzego Rycki Henryka Zygalski solve this in warsaw.Thats essence of Chess is attacking.

Ha, yeah I bought a good biscuit joiner

Ha, yeah I bought a good biscuit joiner

Like seeing all the fine steps you take to make this result.It’s gotta be a iPhone thing.Drugs are for kids.Basically make a new one.It did tend to be a bit noisy at the start of the tape, and I always suspected that was part of why the copyright notice and adverts for other titles you may want to rent was so long.

Just one more video

I don't get it, why can't Stockfisch play Knight d5 at 13:17 to prevent Queen c7?

mickey boy

Check mate

The Derp Knight

SPOILERS>>>Voldemort looks more "human"here. My theory is. It was indeed intended for Voldemort to have a nose here. But remember what a horcrux does? it messes up your appearence. What if Voldemort lost his nose by making Nagini his Horcrux? plus, he was weak anyway.

Duane Lundgren

More great good fun!!But you got me that time!! I would have guessed a MORE rounded tooth would have been the answer.I was also thinking that a "feed wheel" would have benefited...but like with all machines... you have to quit Somewhere!:-)Thanks Again, Mr. Dave!!

llama 007

All except last

Quan Tran

Sao Kasparov li i nc m u h Giri th ad

Akshay Achu

Good hhhhh

Bobby Bobby

Instinctively, I feel like white has a huge advantage. Black can't even begin to think about winning the game, until the mid to late game, and by then, white has chosen a corner to escape too, making the black pieces on the other side of the board to that corner, somewhat useless, so even though it seems like black has 24 pieces, black will never actually have 24 useful pieces. Whites 13 pieces however, are all useful, because he needs them as sacrifices.Cool game though.

ce varadaraj

Uc maths

NPC 200816367

1:42:20 - wot

R. Dean

15:53 "The greatest teacher..failure is."

hughes clark


Rui Alves

You rule Jerry! Cheers from Portugal

Abhishek M J

have any android version?

Feng Lu


Anh Pham

Jamie has so many mean coments

Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland

In a heart beat. I loved this design. I'm thinking a different wood rather than staining it though. Do you have the chess piece drawings on a website or anything?

Elliotttheneko UwU

Area 51 raid in a nutshell

Rice Pudding

She actually doll omg


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