Chess kansas city

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Ahhhnapaiyak ako.I do not think so.Somebody suggested to take it with the white C pawn.You explain everything very well and clearly.5:32 thank me later.

Clean, clear, essential.PRINT('Where is videos?What about the fourth guy.Badabun is hated on mexico too :v.It’s Ring of Fire by johnny cash.My Indian rose.Congratulations to Firouzja!

You pronounced it absolutely correct You

You pronounced it absolutely correct You

As far as I know, I am the last living Do335 piolet.Hi please show your games with commentry it will help me a lot sir.Who watched each move with out skipping?Wallace and gromit's favorite video.Even if the supports are quite visible, it's still a fine piece of work.It's built like a tank and does the job.I think: this is not realy katana.

Well the thing with the same time travel seems strange to me.I stopped watching when he kept using metric.Took me a while to realize it was a gift from someone in chat.I’ve gotten so many ideas from this, thank you.Look at Naka, one of the best, if not the best Blitzer in the world.How can I get the drawings with all the measurements and the list of components?Enjoyed the tutorial.Then Nakamura needed to play Qd1 to win but he played Qd2 which draws.The rubber band ball has a mind of it's own.

Do they not use the that’s what she

Do they not use the that’s what she

Fun fact: Shuriken, specifically throwing stars, were primarily used by the samurai and not the ninja, though the ninja did occasionally employ various darts or knives they could throw.Mostly I see Torx and Roberson screws in decking.Renumeratedfrog stfu.Choild, baybee, sooon!One question related to shoot weld video clear, visible beads, liquid paddle, etc, how do you shoot your welding videos?

Rainer Wahnsinn

01:52 knight cant be attacked by b-pawn,and what about the d-pawn??too easy?

Road Dirt Motorcycle Adventures

Fantastic job

N Ballweg

i noticed you always say for example "bishop TAKE h6" why dont you say "takes"?

Adam Lawrence

That little girl said her name was Tom

Sidd Ali

Your wasting money and hard workship

van thon Nguyen

Rc ri qu tri i

Master Bull

wtf team hanzo

John Adams

he won him

Jerry Han

Kevin hart I'm weak as fuckkk

Kogey Fox

This song is pretty much associated with TechMoan, nobody will ever be able to use it without instantly thinking of TechMoan

Daryl dixon

Oh my ........ Just ........Love it.

Tarik Z

If they know who he was, then they could prepare a counter to his strategies and he would be worse in the rankings.

Matheus Leston

I god, that was amazing.


2:30 Ptolemy to Pythagoras: Who's your daddy?30:40 Obi Wan: Hello there!


ads betw music is extremely distractingi hate it

Tom The Cat

Dirt water strong!

Remyarajanpr Makku


Shenna Pepito

Kahilak man sad ta oy


forget the transformer install a usb charge pack for mains power

Felix Morgan


shivansh srivastava

Thanks for doing a game on Evan's Gambit. It's very humbling that you take suggestions from your subscribers.

Philipp Klimentenok

Mato do you know Daniel from hendon remember me the good chess player.

Andy Pugh


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