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Experiment Car vs Ice Cream | Crushing crunchy & soft things by Car | Experiment Car US

I love the video and the music was really good great job.nakakaiyak parin gang ngayon!It seems more a mistake rather than a loss for Carlsen, but Boris didn't agree!

6:14 I swear I’ve seen a video of that dude hiding in a lamp before.Your videos have reinspired my passion for woodworking.Please never put it down.I play the queens gambit as white, so this video not only showed me great opening lines for black against it, but more depth to my white opening, Ty.Zimmermann, The Nqueens problem, American Math.Hi John, are King, King rook pawn always draws?"life is now very difficult for black".Chess came with a full clip first because he knows what John John capable of.

So many sorting algorithms and my life chooses BOGO to sort itself.Always bet on black.This is my second channel for English-speaking audiences.You may want give thought to some kind of a power feed such as a simple drum winding up a cord.I love when blow hard trash talkers get schooled.

You could even assign a

You could even assign a

CNN is fake news.Lol am i the only one who wasnt payig attention to the timer and thought it was sped up when he was doing the spinning wood thing.In sooooo excited to try this next time I play!2) Kf6Again this is the only move that gets the King one square closer to both pawns than it was at the start of the move.Map porn though?11:22 Sip of "clear" substance.Amazing watch, thank you for this I learned a lot.Now as adult looking back I shouldn't be here.Man I can't find the only fans leaks at all.7:39- I love Tal so much!

Make sure your answer is in base 10!Oh yes you do need to arrive two hours early.Loved the "boom".Me: You realize you just gave me all of your pieces?I subscribed now.

This are the big leagues where everyone

This are the big leagues where everyone

Don't forget AIDS.I prefer explanations where an 8 year old would understand.Ele daria trabalho pro baianinho, o baianinho com uma mo.I'm that person that would just spend $100 on a store bought clamp, but really appreciate you taking your time making this.If you play speed chess with that, you would probably damage it.He stood up, took off his suit, and laid back on top of Fabiano, but this time with his feet to the fire.Is actually "nomen nescio" (or "non notus", depending on who you ask), not "no name".We write 1:s at these points.Where did you get those chess pieces?Might give it a shot!

He just is sarcastic a lot, but he isn't such a good chessplayer for nothing!By the way, she should've claimed the victory on the fact that her oponent didn't call the arbiter to claim the illegal move but instead he captured the king, making an illegal move himself.It was, in fact required to be watched on living room tv!What are the all the Xs on the track.You are very competent in explaining keep it mosh but i have a question do you take people through development of real it projects apart from basics?I mean, Skip has manufactured this whole narrative in his mind about what LeBron said and why.P S: Dont forget to change all rigidbody texts to rb.Hey Steve, just recently started watching your library of videos, and I love em.

Subscribed,support me.Are you Or am I ?I wonder if Ali Reza is under extra pressure from his government given the politics.Dear god please protect everyone except for bad people to the eye of heaven rip Jesus.Wkwkwk Cheating mode for Octopus.Me: Meh, you know, prophylactic, I'm suspecting " ergo " doesn't mean what I thought.But here you see chess being played at a totally different level.

somto onyibalu

Tal's games are capable of dismantling a computer.


ive bin playing chess for like ten years n never knew u were allowed to castle to the left never seen any one do it ty

Walter Rider

thank you Katz


I used to run out of the room when I heard this music, because the scene and music creeped me out --

Arunima Mondal

Sir i almost see your vdeo in full nght and i also had won a school match so you were a great chess player and i lover your all videos

Donny D

Very cool look for a cutting board, but if you plan to use it as a cutting board I would NEVER use tung oil on it.Tung oil is fine if you are finishing furniture, but if you plan to use it for food, better to use a FOOD SAFE oil on it instead

Dhruv Sanghai

Are Leela and alpha scheduled to play after they both significantly beat stock fish?

Tim Royal

Your girlfriend is utterly charming! Great video

Jayan Maran


Alex Dudman

I am suddenly quite curious about packing ratios of higher-dimensional geometries.


Gonna start commenting before i watch the video --- john john 2 - 1 chess cuz ima niceguy--- he straight gave chess a lesson in battlerap yesterday - chess is good money tho-- but them pauses from chess was too much lol


Like I have said before, a true craftsman is one who builds his own tools and you are the zenith of that quote. Your assessment of the ridges was right on. You may want give thought to some kind of a power feed such as a simple drum winding up a cord.

jeremy lin

how strong is the 13 year old rating wise?

Order of Lemons

You seem like you know what your doing which is great :) But please slooowww down

Common Sense

Is that stupid music going to be playing through the whole video? I made it to 1:25 and had to go

Pratyush Ranjan

I am new to chess , please explain why he sacrificed his queen at 3:26

Thomas Gill

Take into account also that the touch tone phone layout was originally 4x4, including the keys for A, B, C, D.The letter keys were designed for remote access to computers, and were eventually abandoned when home modems became more practical.However, touch-tone phones still have remnants of the 4x4 layout as each column produces one tone (of their own), each row produces another tone (of their own), and each button causes both tones to sound, which makes our current touch tones.

Andrew Goodballet

I’m worried about that Chinese motor and speed control giving out prematurely. There’s a company here in America called Holmes Hobbies that makes amazing electronics for trucks that need a lot of torque. The guy that runs it is also very knowledgeable and helpful. I’m sure he’d be willing to jump on board if you were to contact him. Good luck and I’m excited to see even more progress and tuning going into the MMX.

Abhishek Sharma

What if opponent is not smoking crack or weed while game?

Tom Sawyer

Oh it's easy you just chip and saw away every think from the block of wood that doesn't look like a bowl.

Justin Davey

This music makes me feel like im watching This Old House or The New Yankee Workshop. sickdays elementaryschool

Mike McGomer

Insult me again and I'll show up at your home drunk.

Shairoz Sohail

Would simply removing vertices of highest degree recursively not lead to a vertex cover?


This was fascinating. Thanks. Glad to see Medo appearing at 4.09.

Navy Cat

You’re a Wizard Harry..


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