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Experiment: Coca Cola and Lava Underground!

This seems extremely unbalanced.Love your work and the instructions you provide!Cannot count how many times I ended up playing a game where I got a pawn up and then traded pieces until we were at KingpawnWIN.

" moves on shown.1:15Why he didn't go B5 to C7?It was a good game.

I dont even know how the rules and roles of each chess thing yet i watched finished the whole video.One word, "Pozidrive" better than both.The mistake is that you are puttingx1x2 in the same modified (or say same equation with different view ) equation x11x which is not done in algebra.I think Dubov did not want to capture the pawn because of black queens move Qa1 threatening to capture the pawn and create a past pawn.Who is this beauty?Now I can lie better xD.Why didn’t he just move his queen closer to the opponents king at 6:27.Often times these mathematicians will start doing their thing, and I know that Brady is a more patient man than me because I would keep interrupting with my own thoughts."Love your dedication to craftsmanship.

Fischer made Paul

Fischer made Paul

This cake is amazing!Use the x y 6 operation.He didn't a dybbuk box isn't a "real" thing.You should only stick to commentingtheir moves.Awesome work, congratilations!

Are you serious?I have a challenge for you, or I would like to ask for your help, in a case I have been thinking about for a long time, but I haven't found a solution.Great job Jason, all the questions were on point !5 times ko na tong pinapanood.Greetings From Scotland.Check possibility than.Doesn't make sense it's a waste of time I suppose it would fit in maybe a little kids room I mean a little girls.

You can do

You can do

Mans really finessed the sig-figs in the universe percentage.You get more accumulated watch time out of me than most creators.Fighting for the truth!I will take him under my wing and coach him so that maybe one day he will be better than me.One of the best I have watched - real good, thanks.Actually I was just recently looking for a new 60" TV.You sound wheezy, and I don’t want to see you catch something.Why is Magnus wearing Real Madrid shirt on the thumbnail.

It is "Voice control listening" sound

It is "Voice control listening" sound

Why doesnt the rook just eat the pawn 6:41.With a tool like the speed cutter I can make myAxe hammer handels the profile I like.That stem look so cool.The next number should be 9585 135.Goddamn when’s Korn dropping a single about chess?I have a full house of chocolate lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth appetites!X is any sandpile from set M (not set S).


This is from that strange time when we knew what the future would be like but didn't have the technology ready yet.


Spasiba Anatoly !

Dori David

master of the end game of all time ,capablanca.

Dan Haberberger

That was awesome, thanks! If you're still reading these comments and answering (considering your knowledge shown in the pinned comment which was hilarious), I'm wondering the comparison between dowels and Festool dominos. I know that's a good way to go but I don't want to spend the money. Do you think circular dowels (for which I can make my own jig) would add similar strength? Cheers


If you do the Louisiana purchase in terms of gold, it's over $1 billion in today's dollars.

Iole Secondulfo

Stupendo e bravissimi. Quanta resina serve x il primo tavolo


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