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Famous Chess Game: Sergey Karjakin vs Viswanathan Anand

Trump 2020 landslide.That's why we fought those wars so we could hear our children while working on our projects after work.Because they're the casual fans and not consumers of the genre.Future looks great with this new generation of Young players.WikipediaIn your opinion, chimpanzees may be moreimportant than a scientist because he is an Iranian scientist.The only good move for black after that would be bishopH6 to try and control the D2 square, but pawnH4 followed by pawnG5 is coming to block.Every time I try it says there is a network error and I am not able to subscribe.

Just an idea but couldnt you take benefit from those transparent parts at certain angles to make something really cool?Although, if I find a better move to play, maybe I won't risk it for such variation.Im curiose why he didnt make more use of dremel its far more precise and fast then other methods?Amazing guy, I just can't understand those thumbsdowns - haters, really?I want to try it out of pallet pine.We made a farm truck complete with a cow in the back.Very good analysis as always.You have a nice little place for yourself.Good, goooood -) can I give you subscribe?

Came across this video of

Came across this video of

Nd5 loses on the spot.I knew it would be right just because I saw it, but I didn't really know how to explain why.Thanks again for the amazing work.Lol JK, great video!Poor little girl b.Absent time requirements, this artifice would be meaningless.I'll caveat that by saying I don't think Euwe was the type person to be condescending,he was certainly a gentleman.You're a professional for pete's sake!All house you dont have anything else place?

Oh Fuck that's why I got skinned.U make way to much dust.Possibly with wonkey chess pieces :D.We don’t wanna hear the crowd was catching it shiddddddd how dey been catching EVERYTHING else he rap now dey ain’t catching no nigga shit wasn’t hitting.The hell so many questions after all of this.Very good analysis.

They made something boring look so cool.

They made something boring look so cool.

This same-sex interaction was a very popular topic to many ancient authors.Very easy to mike.The wealth without etiquette, and Education is a painful thing to watch.That is so ingenious!Very nice that your vast knowledge includes DBZ!

Curious however, why

Curious however, why

Not a good idea to recommend to build this at the balcony.It would’ve been helpful to mention how some of these shapes are major and minor.He was probably really hungover that day and was just taking it easy.Can you cover Carlsen Duda game.Lol I have no intention to do woodworking right now, and yet you still got me to watch till the end.

dat Nguyen huu

5:31 m ka :b

sharad kale

I get excited when Jerry says pop quiz to you!

Edilamar Azevedo

Muito bom mesmo!


Did Magnus beat the Aryan?

Scott in Shorewood

How do you get the dado just right when you can’t use a stop block.For instance, when your sled is 3 feet wide but you need a dado in the middle of a 7 feet long board.


I can smell this video

Sgtmartz 1

Fun fact the holes on the wheels say jpl in Morse code


Can i pay you to make 2 gears for me?

Victor Oliveira

Can't believe I was watching this video, then Tom Petty starts to play... rip

Tiny Tim

Lol I love his reactions to the shit oves that's how I feel every time I start up a new account and the 1500s hang pieces to one move threats

Clever Programmer

"I haven't been looking at the chat. I will after I destroy this guy ".

Matt Kessler

very cool! I did similar style pieces for the vertical chess board I made my GF this past Christmas. I wish I knew how to share pics here, I don't have a website or anything.

Daniel uteu

At 42:13, there is Nd7. Nice game!

Alfonso Gonzalez

Soy un imbecil, no entend ni madres

Jason Stanley

great project, thanks Jimmy

Eben Dervin

Propaganda. it was new York Still fcn boardwalk park placeNevertheless Wherewithal

Alan Wingate

I am Lost for words. What a beautiful quality guitar with that insane wood.


Lol I can make 10 games in 10 minutes (using unity FPS tutorial)


Njan5padikkumbol alappuzha pankajil poy kandu ticket kittiyilla ende chettan black ticket eduthan enne kanichathu.... nostalgiya

Kin thc SGK

May I make friends ?

Bilal Khares

These videos make me think Arjun (if that's how you spell his name) is gonna be a great player when he is older.


fu this World


Its just like my father's hair it's up and gone

Azathoth Hastur

trump genius to up tariffs!!

Amitodyuti Bandyopadhyay

Me: clicks on this video Also me: Gets dissed for 5 mintues 42 seconds

Annu rani



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