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Faze Banks And Alissa Violet Cutest Moments

It took an endgame genius to defeat Capablanca.Your voice reminds me of Conan at times, especially your laugh.A side note: I do take some sick satisfaction in Jan being "humiliated with the Dutch".

Buen video crack!

Buen video crack!

What would be the best product to use for quad parts ie.I’m a carpentry hobbyist having built various projects for 30 plus years.And his instrument is wood.This youtube channel is horrendous.They also showed multiple solutions to the 9 dot problem.GREAT PRESENTATION.I am six foot two so ideal to save my back when working well done.Asmongold of chess lol.Definitely not an active serial killer.

This video was uploaded 1 year ago.Albrecht Durer sounds a lot like Leonardo Davinci.Can I buy a copy of this game lol it looks fun!He is still struggling with learning French.Brilliant Dude.Its errrkn ing me.

In 2015, Joko had arguably the best season ever in the ATP winning 3 out of 4 GS titles that year and he carried his winning streak through the 2016 FO - his 4th GS title in a row - The only male in history besides Rod Laver to accomplish that.This book takes me back to the times of Capa in his view.1:04:55 garbage bishop - lol love this descritption.What is that tool he uses for engraving and cutting wood?Us low to mid 1000's players can't see the logical moves as quickly as these masters, so give yourself as much time as you need to think (without help from Jerry's amazing commentary).Just throwing it out there, I just got a 2019 MacBook Air for $790 open box at Micro Center.You’re clearly 100000x more knowledgeable than me but some of those cuts on the table saw made me go eeeeek!I really like the fact that you've found photos from I guess 2013 of all the players:D nice touch.

"Linus is turning into such a Dad

"Linus is turning into such a Dad

Witch sawblade you use for the alu ?Thx, I now know my brain is:(1 monogone divided by 0) (-) I feel better :D.I came here for carlsen move ke2.I like how the board slides out to store the pieces.Like your videos, but you made this one so complicated.Thanks for all the tips!I want that tabel.I greatly appreciate your channel and your methods Steve, thank you for what you do!

I know of several people that say that even after the travel restrictions were official they took flights out of China to the US and to their surprise when they landed NO ONE TOOK THEIR TEMPS, ASK THEM ANY QUESTIONS OR EVEN GAVE THEM ANY INFORMATION or INSTRUCTIONS OF ANY KIND and they just went on their way?You just became my favorite chess player!I’m a machinist apprentice and I love watching your videos !And I do admire the fact that you went back and analyzed the game.Kill 2 pigs with 1 bird.

pulak Das

Vidit is my favourite


You should show this game between magician Chris Ramsey and a hustler. I think it's a hilarious game, :P

Douglas Filipack

Yes, the sound changed

charles sihombing lumbantoruan

Very stupid cameramen , jus stay focus ur fucking camera !!!!




Alright, here we go with the adds.

Philip Buckley

learn a few basic greatings.....the who, where, etc.....and focus on the to be and to have verb, and vocab is numbers and diagrams....and within a couple of days you are sharing basic information with anyone in that target language....

Laithov KH

I am now 22 years old I've played a lot of chess games but only with friends and just for fun but now I want to participate in some chess club to study and to participate in some tournament ,but all good players were playing chess since childhood so I thinkthere's no way to be a good chess player for me because it's too late I hope someone can disapprove me..

Rupali Rathi

the best checkmate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Martin Staykov

Damn, Magnus is brilliant in the endgame. Didn't think he was that good.


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