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Qxd5 and White mates as above) Qxg4 22.Such a gorgeous tool.Rita Ora Video Sexo.Bibilhin ko toh.Shooney look like holiday heart wtf lol.

What’s inside a mood ring.

What’s inside a mood ring.

"That would be.Every time I listen to this song, I always have flashbacks of my childhood, running through the countryside and being free like a bird with my friends and family, and now everything feels as though it’s gone, and i have to move forward from the past.Please someone teach him english.Why didnt white fork the black rooks at 14:45 white would have won that game.Makes me so proud to watch this video knowing I too am an American who lives in the Southern US (Nashville) and takes great pride in what we build here everyday.

Nobody has played the Ruy Lpez as good as Krpov, absoutely nobody.Another thing that I wanna point out (this is unrelated to the puzzle) is that the colors match perfectly despite one seemingly lighter than the other.That thing would be easier to make on the table saw you wanted to use it with.That is sooo cool thank you.Imagine if someone could create molecules like mechanisms on minecraft.But not $1000 nice.And what a sick job he did!Black then plays Rook to G2.So theyre both gay.

Hello Russ, really rewarding watch, really appreciate the time it took to make the vid and share it.The sound of these beautiful guitars is simply stunning.Suggestions agadmator ideas.Leftover resin is SO FUN to play with!I'm glad I came across your channel.He secrectly bet all his money on karpov mating him and he saw that it was a becoming a draw so, there you go.

And already as of 48 minutes we have a completely new video!"Shaking the water bottle, why can't we have more crazy pranks like that?Te pasaste Luis.Keep up the good work.OrLearning a scale on gitar, or areUp on syncopationic rudimentsOf drums!

A questiondoes this cream crust once refrigerated?

A questiondoes this cream crust once refrigerated?

9:05 "old banana"9:19 health benefits10:07 criticism and rebuttal.Hope it works and helps!You fucked the turkey.Magnus I think your moves are dumb also.1000 buck, and still worth to buy than iPhone.

Bob Johnson

I wish I had the Lego set though it looks so awesome but now I know how to use them if I get a Lego set

josy gouveia

Sensacional lindo

Carolina Design

Very nice shop!

Yevheniia19 Reut

i can not do like you in 2:03


Has nobody told Xisuma, about the grind stone. It removes enchantments.


9 pawn islands! LOL I'm so done. Great stuff Finegold.

Venkata raju

how is it made ani Oka series chey anna, chala mandiki idi ela tayaru aindi ani doubts untay, chaala helpful ga untadi

Rustum Mirasol

19:44Pawn: Backflip!!!failsKnight: Lol NOOB IDIOT


I hope Magnus has a hobby or something like hiking if he drinks, sleeps and shits chess, he'll flip out sooner or later

Jeff Sol

Alekeeen?I thought it was pronounced Al-Yeck-In lol


Clips is still the greatest

Johann Schiel

I've found another solution also using nly 20 checkers ... checkmate )

Colin Udoh

I’m sure someone has mentioned it already but at 11:00, what is wrong with Nb3/Nf3?

Simargl Simargl

Sometimes inventions just burn in us and we give that to world , and inventors have no anything from that , but managers who make money on our inventions . There is a high level of inventions and that we all call art .In that way we can call ART that is something beautifulwhat we cant understand completely but it is nice to seehahahahaha GOOD WORKS and dont be that much insecureyou are artist , and artist can make mistakes,and even that mistakescan be a better than any other inventionsfrom others .Thank you for your videos ,and that inspire me that I try to make such beautiful things like you craft .

Joseph M Josephson

My Birthday is coming up in April,,,,LOL

ismilazim degil


Jino 3106

"The King Of Chess Needs No King"

Sheryl Despi

Sana naman full video ganda Sana

Ob Ord

ground beer bottle glass can form gold when it is microwaved properly.

Gary Vale

still not understanding how an element as light as H can produce so muchgravity and cause so much pressure...............

dirtbikdan 690 100

What clamps are you using.. Great work..




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