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FIND THE BEST MOVE | ChessTymer #9 (Chess Strategy)

Where you lerarn about games development.Looking DiResta with doble speed xD.Si viajas a Chile te invito a una parrillada genio.KhetLaser Chess: Lonely fuck edition.Then the bishop does not capture it.It looks a little like a British infill jointer plane.

2:34 Thats not the Droids

2:34 Thats not the Droids

Magical world and thoughts will never stop, they just help you to start a new chapter and to be proud of it.Is there a way to trap the queen?Wow, I was after bishop opening c4.3,1k of piece of shit.Didn't expect that.I also look fwd to watching more videos in this series.Your forgot to add in that Lincoln had slaves good sir.I like to prioritize better problem solving, over memorization.

The legs arent any good, you cant glue end grain, and you cant just screw the tabletop down like that.RJM541292019the projects you build in your videosare they built in your dream shopRR building built for you.Talk about cheezy and strange.Ive got a jar of dirt!Last video of Ben.Where do you get your hardware to make them if you dont mind me asking?

Big future for Vincent.Again, very nice job.What does this mouse do?I'd opt for just finding someone with a CNC to route out the initials maybe 18" deep and black or white epoxy to fill it.This video felt different because you didn’t say And in this position, player resigned the game.Have you ever thought of trying a black dye on the background wood with red or blue epoxy, or any color epoxy?Its amazing how much detail can be so clearly communicated without any words.Thanks This Old Tony!Suren who's ur favorite?Very good thanks.

You are my hero!I love your videos.Yeah seven hours in.I'm of Spanish and Irish descent too.Just to say I'm 2 hours south and problems are different.A puff of the cheeks from Ronnie.Just a suggestion: Anatoly Karpov vs Anthony Miles (1980).The Shortest Possible Stalemate (10 Moves).

Monk Kenyon

You stole that purple tie from the joker, huh? Sick bastard xD

Tim Hallas

I built a car once, with nothing but a hammer and chisel.


I ran it through Stockfish and it gave me the same move. Bishop to a3.

v8 fastback

Dalibor's tubes are truly a work of art. The glass blowing alone is a lifetime skill. I've built many Nixie clocks over the years using mostly NOS Soviet era tubes. I just sold 7 HUGE and very rare Burroughs B-7011 Nixie tubes -- vintage from the 1960s (video on my YouTube site). I had no idea how complex the manufacturing process is.

Palak Patel

ma'am konsi size ka Casserole or pan use karte Ho aap bakekarne ke liye..



Flower Snake101

I felt the fallen dominos didn't reveal anything.Kind of no point


Vsauces face in each slow mo tho

Samantha Beahl

I don’t believe what I saw. If THAT demon truly possessed Moe he wouldn’t be in control of himself at all.

deepak taak

Very nice video

That One Renderer

Conversely, these are tips on how to lie well

Gabe Blackmon

Eat a cookie every time you hear "Magnus has the two bishops." Can't anyone wrestle that bishop pair out of him?

Valda Puskunigiene

Super Meine Sohne!



Sumo's Projects

Greetings from Victoria


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