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Finstincts plays Couch 2048

I work as a service technician for satellite and point to point internet.I've only recently begun woodworking, mostly cutting boards.This guy is one of the most annoying people I have ever encountered.Very very cool figures and I'd love to review him for you.

Heading for a8 would have been the most exact.OMG, I just tried green tea KitKat’s for the first time today coincidence."Eye safe"Styropyro: IF IT CANT SET SHIT ON FIRE THEN ITS GARBAGE.Let alpha zero be black and stick fish be white then things might be different.Nakakalongkot na kwento.Dear Master I have sent a message on Facebook to see if you can participate online of a tournament of Blitz, for the Chess South American community, received it?This video isn’t a complete video, it is missing some parts of chess.I am coming from a similar situation to.

Intro annoying and way

Intro annoying and way

What’s inside a rubber band ballwhoa rubber bands.Nim should meet Mu.That's a crazy swing.Finally a science video which uses proper metric system.Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrragdoll kungfu.Beautiful lessons you learned and priveledged to teach.

This is art, the modern art!

This is art, the modern art!

Wait, film as music format?This way, when it's assembled, you end up with continuous wood grain on the side panel.You have a lot of patience and dedication to the craft !2:17 playing Qf3 is smarter it threatens checkmate on Qxf7 and threatens the knight on D5 forcing the knight to retreat back to E7 and then you can execute the fried liver by Nxf7.Please have luis on again some time!After this game, white actually said that "I just moved my king and checkmate".Surely give a try today.Is a hellavuh drug.It depends in what state a person was a slave in.I get scared but I don't get nightmares.

devesh rai

Very nice analysis sir. Mikhail tal and vishwanathan anand both are great players. The magician was having health problems at that time.

Brett Christoffersen

Oh no!All that work!And beautiful craftsmanship ... but A1 is supposed to be BLACK square.Your board is ruined.So sad for you.

Muhammed Shaker

OMG the last Checkmate

Vivek Naik

It seems the number of views on this video is almost reaching e..

Carolina Larrosa


Kurt C

I could have played black better, and I’m just a rookie

Angel Rosales



Wow.Bait nman ang nag anpon sa kanya God bless you ate..

Francisco castaeda

Thank you!amazing!


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