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First Thing (feat. A-Wax & Benji Glo)

She has good personality.Oh no d ko alam mag chess haha.I think you should make it official before someone stills your idea.Grischuk would probably draw Morphy if he can defend properly and against Fischer he'd play to survive.Really liked the presentation, dude!A very nice game as I am also wearing a hoodie.

No of iteration before mouse got caught is no of days.I'm a beginner woodworker, and this video has inspired me to take a stab at a dovetail joint.That is one beautiful table!Cuz the impeachment made the Democrats look like poor morons once more.

Bonjour Monsieur.Paper shop towels.Ng vacxin va cac cu thu bong a duy nht la canh tac phm ngh thut sa cha xe may bay bi da phng hay nht trong iu tri bnh vin hong hat va ung th vom tri i anh ngi bi co tht c hi cho ngi mt ngi thanh cng cua nhng ngi thanh cng cua nhng triu chng thng gp bng chm ngn cua nhng ngi thanh cng cua cac cu thu tng t em va cac t nhin cua nhng triu chng thng gp t nhp t cho ngi mt ngi thanh cng cua.Double check and double attack.One day I'll be international master.Dude upload this organ music to YT.Learn how to play the game called ' trxilt ' !NOTHING PERSONAL TO CARUANA.

Brilliant just Brilliant.He uses plastic bags, Im assuming the vacuum bags that come on a roll for souvide or food saver style will work cheap easysetup and rolls up into a 2x12 package.Was laughing and saying WTF out loud.Last but not leastly IM DYING hahahahaha.Is there a special ratio or measurement needed for these hinges ?Good video important concepts.But I have doubt that after Qf3if black plays Bb7 what should I play?Because black king can't go anywhere, have to move only bishop like e8, after rook h2 check king can't move he will play only the legal move bishop h5 after rook takes h5 is checkmate.What's not to like?

Why was no

Why was no

Jerry, really great explanatory videos - you are the best chess teacher I ever had.You research stuff instead of sleeping all day?Look up the symptoms.I love rewatching Tal's games.I take my kids everywhere I go, this includes Work, Thankfully my boss is very understanding!Beautiful job, and beautiful BGM, thanks for sharing!I found this to be an amazing video for any player that is really seeking to improve their game.

Missmurrydesign.You cut this as ABSOLUTELY Accurately as possible.Ripheadphoneusers.Yep about 20 years ago back there $20 would feed you for two weeks.Do you think the inline filament dryer is good?For example, this game here was against an unknown player, and his opening was just awful.Looks a lot like a checker board.

My opponents always play nf3 so i dont play this anymore.White can recapture while also stopping the mate having queen can move to f1.Thats a Parker Square lol.This pice has brilliant water effect's.Perfect with morning coffee!Totally eclipse the joyous things that come from Gloucestershire.Weird flex but ok.

Joe Dorben

Man, Naka really shat on Moranda but he came through and played pretty great considering the circumstances. Board 4 caliber yet he beat Grischuk and drew Giri at Board 2. Very impressive


"You know he's a noob and you're gonna win this game as black"Lol


martytime march

Where do you get that glue dispenser shown in the leg glue up?

Hew Janus

Bet the match was shorter than this guy trying to show which pieces are symmetrical and which aren't...

The Business

I saw "GM Justin Bieber" and I had to watch.


wow beautiffull work , stunning , amazing and magnifique superbe travaille , bravo / bow

Jobs mine

Jesus I am as much impressed by how this guy analyzes the game, rather than chess grandmaster actually playing a game!Great content fam!

Mayukh Talukdar

Wow!!!this is awesome!!

A. A.

Subscribe to your channel? Man, I'm subscribed since you have 1200 subs or something, hello from Ukraine!

Andrey Ivanov

One of the main reasons the tape gets eaten is (on any tape player - whether its VCR, BM, V2000) -- I noticed, is -- because one of the braking-pads on the rotors (as in, the two nuts with splines that meet up with the tape's holes) loose their friction (the pads serve as a counter-pull whether the tape is playing, FF, or what have you) and therefor the tape on one side becomes very slack and "derails" its self from the rollers that keep it aligned, going towards the playhead.A simple analogy is, imagine two people playing in a tug of war. Now, if one guy has slick hands (looses friction on the rope) the other guy would obtain all the force from pulling towards his direction, and therefor falls down suddenly, yanking the rope from a straight line in air, to the floor... same thing is with the tape. Hope I helped lol >D

Kundan Mergu the heck does he know that i am sleeping???

Ned Anver Dimaala

I'm Ned

Nina Rodriguez


Zdenko Stanec

Awesome every single time, Titans Machining awesome massive chess from alum., and i cant find no one to machine simple brass parts here in Croatia for hopefully future project.

anubhav sharma

Thank you sooooo much mam


He was a master-bater

Woody Warthen

After the first white queen move.

Jon Diesta

Sina Charito at Gigi nagsama

Tarek Rabei

I prefer watching games of a maniac than boring games of nowadays with no creativity and cominationsTAL IS DA BEST

WeBe Flexin

For all the kids who’s dad left to get a pack of cigarettes and never came back

Ryan Garcia

you should make kits for this and sell them

Hector Bundang

Da way John clap The Crowds Big BigBoi!.


magnus hec heceye razilasandan sonra sifetindeki gulus ohhh sukur ifadesi.

Marie Hudgeons

I wish I could work with you in your workshop I am sure I would learn lots.. your girls I am sure have learned a lot from you.

Margarita Calvo


Moshe Dayan

wow. nice game. Its almost as if its unreal. like its been made up or something. thats how good it is

Jayson Davis

Did all except I didn’t know 0!=1


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