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Five Chains Math Puzzle

Man I hope you teach for a living!If I win lotto, this is on my list of must haves!16:50 i have never played poker before so i appreciate if anyone could explain it to me.I was really impressed by this one.

This is serious and it seems to me it should be more solemn!Of course, it's not all "black and white" that had me dying.The rest is gorgeous.Dxe5, instead of Nxe5 was the 1st BIG nail in Black's coffin.What a sick attack by Morphy!

It's genial, I love

It's genial, I love

Keep up the good work.Lol, I think I would beat this Nakura guy.And maybe in 1 out of 10 losing Games, depending on your elo, you get a draw from this behaviour.Basically the whole premise of the trap is that your opponent makes a mistake and defends his pawn with d3 or e6.Look forward to viewing your other videos.I've tried to do that a few times against my engine, always either mating, stalemating or drawing by 50-move rule.Can you please suggest some book for logical thinking book!If you are learning to program in unity, I recommend you to continue, because when you see the results, it is all worth it!

Comment prepare une genoise.

Comment prepare une genoise.

What he wanted to continue saying was.Scientists know that at some moment during the origins of humanity in Africa there was a bottleneck because of some unknown natural event, and we almost went extinct, which means that it all started with very few humans.I have frequent out of body experiences.You would need a considerable amount of play between the frame and the board to allow that.This is not just poker.28:15 I know you were working against some pawn tactics but I was still confused as to why you didn't just pick up the queen at some point.When I need to study, or restless as hell and trying to sleep.For a minute there I thought you werent going to flip!

Flexcils basically for those who want to flex on poorer people.Moe always tricking alimoe: Opening a portal to hellali: you said we were doing a DIYand the video you made with ali going to the witches house.It is after all the very founding idea of calculus.Haha I think I draw 5 winning games like that.(google Hypar), looks cool too.I can easily do this, have someone with a magnet move each piece every move.What glitters u r using.Who knows keep asking yourself questions with obvious answers and you might one day obtain the title of a mediocre philosopher.This is truly beautiful.

Frankly I love it when he makes them look like idiots.Imagine having 1 mil subscribers.Those eyebrow pills, is it four a day or forty a day?May i know if any mini tools can do the rabbet cut?WCMC seems to revel in explaining what his opponents should do, almost like he wants to play both sides of the position.Kung ako si anton irerape kosi jocelyn ganda nya.As a German I'm feeling exhausted by people criticizing Linus for his behaviour.9:22 White queen can take black knight on E3.SnoBall really shook me, what even shocked me more is that it was summertime and y’all was throwing snowballs.

I once made a square that moved

I once made a square that moved

Wouldn't it gat smaller and smaller bc you're decreasing it by 12 so instead of being very tall it would disappear?Just bought it a few days ago.His students don't get intimidated to try in the face of a GM.Thank you again!Lovely Interview by Tanya, a real beauty with brains.When Agadmator says "Up a pawn", he actually counts those pawns.I am not against caruana.

Gabriela Jimenez

Just a couple of guys being dudes


Today i will show you a different type of numbers, that have this very special zero that looks like a fractal,but...What is a zero?music starts

Emma Passarotti

Now all the Girl Scouts will bend at my will (insert evil laugh)

Erik Selander

Is this a haircut or natural balding? I have never seen this before. If natural balding did this all come from window peak or also like window peak and bald spot coming together? Not trolling

Buddy Stark

Hey Jerry, I watch your videos on lunch breaks. Started this one the day you posted it and just now finished it. Thanks for all your work and the great examples to work through.

GM Chess TaiQiGong Academy

...the horror....GM Carlsen putting smack down on fools

Ali Harday

Thank you for your excellent job



Just move three sticks in random places until you're left with three squares


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