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When playing with inferior players it’s very risky not to dispatch them quickly.The way she was pulling the box with the scissors still in her hand had my spider sense going all over the place.I always like watching your videos - especially when you show "mistakes".We're also helping teach users how to defend themselves against WannaCry and other forms of ransomware over at." Complimenting his own idea hehehe 27:24.

Am I missing something (as later forking king and rook is a win condition with a passed pawn.It was to meet my dad side grandfather.Doesnt it come out on top?He doesn't said shit about yella.

I said I would watch one

I said I would watch one

I have Global Entry (which includes TSA Pre-Check) and I never ever needed to show up more than 1hr early.My heartbeats went up there in the end!Holy crap this guy can play.The market in the UK must still be strong for antique "brown" furniture.What are tou goin to do with that.Every time skip talks, you can hear the hate in his heart for Bron.Watching on 022920.Great piece coordination.Around move 45, why does black's queen not take white's E4 pawn ?Wow dude your miter saw stand sucks!

E4E5 means, u had moved the

E4E5 means, u had moved the

Its not always just how perfect something is its is a great example of hand madeuniqueusefulone of a kind all-in-one which you can't buy!I was stubborn and decided to make a python program to calculate it for me, here it is for those curious:for i in range(0,10000):n float(i)rexpression is derived by solving algebraicly for the number of initial coconuts.Paginini clarinet XD.You sound like Gunja.I'm surprised this whole playlist wasn't dedicated to every game I played.At 33:24 bishop d4 is a killing movefor white note mentioned not be solved this was a bad feeling about this gm.I disappointed in your site and i will tell and spread this on social network.C8n b4Nd6exd6E7.

Glad I stumbled

Glad I stumbled

Fuck ur language.I would have liked the whole thing to be sliced to eventually make matching shallow dishes.Zero consideration of ergonomics.Le gusta lo kiky nancy.Ghanta samaj nhi aya lekinApna bacha jeet gya itna kafi Hai.

Is it possible to turn it down a

Is it possible to turn it down a

I first struggled with the "probability 0" question in the one prob-and-stats class that was required for my bachelor's degree in math.3 thumbs WAY UP.I've just started to teach myself Macro Sub programming.At 3:57 min What to do ifBg7xc3It will give white triple pawn on C file, which will be deficult to protect further.I'll add the link I found to the product which is exclusive to Walmart's USA site.02 he look like a dk.I’m new to woodworking.At the end of the tournament Anand will eat up all the players' nails and at last yours Agadmator!

Sorry about that.For jack boy I having a hard time trying to distinguish what the fuck is gibberish vs English.Your video are so nice.You are so full of inspiration!Tang ina yung tatay mag ahit kanaman.I am in the last month of university and have had a serious difficulty to find the motivation.Increment yo :(.Im also able to keep track how much time I have spent base on the video length.

Deepika Shedge

Great work

sakibian here

You have a great channel, but not enough views!!

Clash with Krishiv

klaman:I am sherlock homesSir Mikhail Tal:I am James Bond


Before he showed the answer, I guessed 4 days.

Sebastian Smit

bulllllllshit, the first 3D-printed shoes are the recreus sneaker and where already around in 2014

xion ctwo

5.5 hours... and draw...

Aasif Aachu

Sthreethana tuka tharumoo aliyaaaaa


Shine bouta sit down? What happened

- d a y d r e a m.

john is my spirit animal

Bryce Moose

rAiD SHaDow legEnDS

free boxx. m

Tremenda canciom

Ernesto Gordini



I’ve never seen Hikaru reply to a YouTube comment):


7777Ralph Thanks Ralph, but you must not be watching enough of a variety of videos then. :)


the old guy could fall off the chair and hurt his back.especially after looking at those panta. this is as extreme as a sport can get..


What the hell was with imultimatebeast blowing it and then immediately playing the tiebreaker for botez?!


of course, it's not all "black and white" that had me dying

Siyabonga Sithole

Jerry Wess should have ducked

giovanni raebiger

do you have the permission to felling so much trees, do you implant new trees?

Matthew Thomas-Reid

Thank you for this fun beginner trap and I've taught this to my beginning students but I do have a question. Several folks commented that the pawn to F6 move is a bad move, and I agree. Do you have a suggestion if black plays Pawn to D6 instead?Having played this out against a number of beginner and intermediate players the D6 move has been the more common that I have observed.

Brian Dennington

Reminds me of canned cycles on a

Dan Generoso

well appreciated...


Wang Hao looks like he came to know he got the virus just before the hitting the clock.

Sky Sucker

I have that Kirk action figure! I got it cuz it was the only Kirk the shop had and I didn't have a Kirk yet. I thought it was some generic suit they made up to sell an action figure, and then saw a photo of Shatner in the suite in the Star Trek Movie Memories memoir written by him! Cool to get some extra info on this topic! Love your vids, hope you keep them coming!

Heiress Roxy Gray III

The industry does not want to show brown people in positive roles because they know it would be a wake-up call for brown people.May Master P and his son Romeo continue to build wealth and be an inspiration to brown people.


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