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Fritz Tutorial Video Threatened Squares

Re8, RxR or QxR will force mate) 3.What inside to a clabe with tanner fox.Quynh anh nguyen.Learn a lot from this video.Thanks Steve I really did find this incredibly helpful.How much you sell it for im very interested!

The clock, the 2dboard display and the original video were great together !2v5AngelaFannyCarmillaFanny.It's pointless to debate whether he can move the pawn four squares or not.Do you a geman guy.What exactly you working on?Is the English subtitle working?Your pride for your craft shines through in the end results!I solved the Matchbox problem when my psychology teacher just verbally presented that problem during the class of topic problem solving.

About what you know about the London thingy:6.

About what you know about the London thingy:6.

I mean it makes sense how Eugene said no to if he knows how much they care for him.I know to use that the Smallest one but I am just 11 years old."Also known as the car-jacking man".Got the idea of homosexual a hundred years ago?ImmutableMap" this package ist not available in your codes.Love your vids here in scotland moe.I knew a nice Girl, but the Giants diverged.You should remix this remix and have the pawns throw the other guys off the board with a huge flip.

We had some very nice caramel-smell everywhere but the result looked even worse than in the video x."All of these pawns are very very soft" LOL.I couldn't deduced the answer.Y later loose knight to take Bishop.NS D CANAL FERREIRA MOTOS ACOMPANHAMOS,TORNO CASEIRO))))))))))))))).Damn shes smart.No one:everyone in this comment section: No one:.Are you not concerned, since you’re not using veneer, that the wood movement, combined with the sides, will result in cracking or warping?People pay for the craftmanship as well, not just the cost of material.

Now I believe in global warming.This guy annoyed Hikaru on other game.I love to use tools in a way they were not supposed to use.Thanks forsharing.An Agadmator classic.Doesn't the pan get burnt?

It's very suspicious to say the least.You're the greatest chess creator and by a fair margin.I was looking around YT this morning, and certainly your video is the best on this game.How does the arduino read this?Not the video i expected.

Niseem Bhattacharya

1:40 REALLY!

Tsundere Channel


Noah Meek

This. Is. Immaculate!! Great job!

Alan J

They should ban all boys from watching this, because of the patriarchal oppression of women in science.

Niraj Mourya

Queen to f8 it's checkmet actuly

John Underwood

Where did you get the bracket

Vicente Gonalves

1:32:42"Perpetual"????That was stupid...

Handoyo K

OMG, what a nice board. How does is that cost for one piece if available on the market.

sandy yu

May i ask if you have a mp3 version i can download?? Since sometime i don’t have WiFi to listen to it outside

Allen Laster

Great Interview


In the knights question we should keep the arrangement of the two knights also

Ali Sanwar

How do I start?

Moe G

14:08 why wasn't Kf6 played?


A lot to learn from you, thanks for the project.

Breahna Sommers

Are all of the try guys left handed??

Rajni Duggal

Amazing. ..Ilovethisrecipe

da sa

Eric is like Harry and Marv from home alone in one face, so hikaru( aka Kevin) always set traps for Eric and Eric get into it and then bamboozle

Jacqueline Karenina

Jamie is fat


36:20 queen b3 then rook f8

Abinash Mandal

its like carlsen was playing puzzle rush

Baba baba

I never come across people like this. I want serial killer to break into my house.


I am a bit slow following the moves in this angle. would be nice in the future videos to have this small upfront board where you can follow the moves easier. nice tournament though. Congrats Anand!

kvivash kvivash

Do it without baking soda


Am I retarded or queen to H3 at 2:30 pretty much wins right?

Brent H

REM. You know your boxing.


Really original!

Jose Augusto Gomes

the new introduction is a spoler of the next video...


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