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From a chess player to a bridge champion - Andre Gromov from Russia

- Nakamura plays pawn e4.Trng hp 20:43 nh vy vn c h anh, kiu nht chc qun nht chiu y.Andreikin match please?Loving the improved video production quality.You're really funny and a very good teacher!Can you ise this as an alternative to a dry fuel stove?

For you to beat it must be either a highly rated player or the game engine is weakened down somewhat.Every crime and involvement is like that.So Carl doesn't have aphantasia?Also work is so prof and insanely huge effort.9:38 why not capture rook e8?Great video and thanks for sharing.What's wrong with that blurred at the bottom?You made that in a week?I am probably going to give a very unpopular opinion now.

Karate Kid reference :) Priceless.Remember, you can also conglomerate your pawns into a mega chessatron.That's what you get for using the Kelvin timeline Enterprise.Instead of lining up your king when you move up, just put your king 1 square aside, and that will speed up the process.Also, wanna wear our undies?Because a lot of people want to be there!Doesnt it come out on top?Awesome u r the best.

Absolutely gorgeous and

Absolutely gorgeous and

Florida boy here.Cannot do truly magical knight's tour.Very Good Workand Thanks - Great video.David Letterman of woodworking, lol!All the best guys.You can see his legs and his left arm and his head.

AMAZING MUSICTHANK YOU FOR THAT !Dude Decent at least Dude Perfect is PERFECT and can not mock people.Most people are poor, so they raise the grain with water to use less finish.Lemme adjust my pieces, put my jacket on my chair, savage.Sorry i'm just learning chess as a newbie and Im watching your videos and I am wondering if you just missed this move, or it is not good on this level ?In a prison controlled by the prisoners, what's to stop this nutter raping him if he fancies a white guy for a change?

Is that an inadvisability hat.

Is that an inadvisability hat.

I was hoping you would do analysis of the Norway games.Upload full movie please.Gracias por ensear la trampa elefante.Bullet train from last 22seconds.The real threat was the air craft carriers.Like nyo kung naiyak kayo.In the 7th question why dont we divide by 35c2.WorthlessVideo tells about use of symbols rather than their origin.

Don't Fear The Reaper

After all the expense and all the time, feels like sculpting a clay model by hand would have been easier

Carl Matthew Hamilton - CHTSI

Any possibility of an AI component or is that much more complicated?

Megha Mehta



I've seen the video of the holes being made on the ceiling.... I've worked as a a/c and heat technician....the only way a person could have made those holes is if the attic is decked out in order for a human to walk up there....those holes were not made by a foot or tool or wood made those holes without being my opinion is that it's a paranormal phenomenon....I'm no GHOST HUNTING expert but I've worked in attics for years....

Sexy Blade


abhi r

Dont know why British people using technology remind me of dystopian future

Kelly Anne

i get so worried when i see you being attacked Moe... hope youre ok. So glad you werent by yourself.


18:19 "... because black has a couple pieces pointing at this important square, so we have to know what we're doing on the move b4".But her meaning was the same (except with less specificity) as this: "... because black has a couple pieces pointing at this important square, so we have to know what we're doing on the move BEFORE".

Raymond Kowal

2:50:03 ithink the light are nice! lol


Well..the PINDA system name is the real easter egg :-D

Baki Polat

Carlsen never won against Morozevich :)

denijal barcelona

I love magnus.. as a great schach player..


Your videos on the lathe usage make me want to go out and get a lathe, be 30 years younger living in today's world.Being a female in a mill in the 70's,80's, and even 90's was not very practical...but I sure do LOVE all sciencey, matchy, and working with my hands just like and guy....Can I use you time machine?


1.45 - 'Tis but a scratch!

Adomas B

is c code much different?

Johnny Johnny

What is the name of the game he is sponsored by

ojars zvaigzne

I have been enjoying "vinyl " for almost 63 years, but from this video I learned a LOT of NEW things about records. Maybe in a future presentation you could talk about "Direct to Disc" recordings which I am HEAVILY INTO even today. Specifically, I would like your take on the sound quality vs CDs. I personally think that Direct Discs sound BETTER than the CD "sound" which I am getting less enthusiastic about! THANK YOU for this video! CHEERS>

Red Red

what type of paper sanding do you use please and can i make a table like this juste withe polyester risine

The Looinrims

Hasn’t hit the flattest game in 2016, a 100% straight line, 4 centipawn between Carlson and KarjakinForgot which of the 4 potential games it could be


The heat of the epoxy gave a differential expansion rate with the aluminum in the diecast.

Eurasian ST

Keiavan rus = game of thrones


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