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Gaur Gopal Das words which will inspire you to live your life to the fullest in 2019

This video really helped me while making my first bow!Very satisfying video, thank you!These people are unbearably naive!Is it possible that he saw an advantageous position up to a certain point and then took a leap of faith?Subra naiiyak ako nitong story natu.

When you are last from the age of 25.Very cool Nick, I have thought of doing that with the drill press, but have not been brave enough to try it, Kudos Buddy, they look great.This is brilliant.

What happened to the twitter bird?

What happened to the twitter bird?

Like how even a little smirk is enough to coax my opponents into a blunder.The music is please.Nf3 %clk 00:28:51 Bxc1 %clk 00:53:02 20.I think people are being overly critical of Danny.Also for your own safety you may want to create some kind of end cap to cover the blade when not in use, seeing all your wood working video's I'm sure you are more than talented enough to turn, or make a suitable blade cover from wood, also adding a nicely turned cover to the handle scales would make it look even better :).No body Kasparov: 5:19.

I dont know man, if

I dont know man, if

Thankyou sir You are legend.Very nice work :).Having 260 people competing doesn't mean you find the best in the world.E7 just mate in 4, was Carlsen just going to resign?Give the family a big squeeze for me.C’est juste magnifique !Always acts bad but really he's a legend of chess.

I heard you saying simple tools.Ilovyoumoesorgi.It makes life so much easier.Lmao as soon as he made that blunder.Great job on the analysis!But who cares, he is Magnus.Going to try this on guitar and bass cabinets, nicely done sir!Never mind that was stupid lol.

Luljeta Berisha


siva ramaraju siv

the game was complicated for my brain especially end game

tamizharasan r

i m making lot of blunders by not doing blind fold if i did what happens lol

Fernando xd

Los asiticos no dominan el mundo porque no quieren xd

Rotten Brainz

Thanks for this beautiful "non-endgamey" game,my favorites.

David Chege

Nyc ones


When do we get to see the English Wheel?



ElSven18 360cs:go

I do not quite understand very well everything you said because my English is not the best, but your explanation was clear enough to give me a better perspective of what visual illusions are in games, THX a lot. :D


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