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Ohh you know this trick, then your COOLER THAN I IMAGINED!Steve, what about running short of nails for your pneumatic nails pistol?Anh i lam video v by.Good old wholesome family fun.To make room for the king after taking the rock?Still remember my next door neighbor having an 8 track player in his car and thinking he was so cool.This Dude: (smiling wryly) Something like that.Its fabulous getting better and better.

Some music preformed through the just built guitar!All I could concentrate on throughout this whole video was this guy's haircut.What are "seeds"?Also do a video on Vishy.After that, Smirnov played quiet well, considering his zeitnot.I think being able to use the wrong tool to get the job done right is a sign of a good maker.VOLVI DEL FUTURO, REYDAMA RESUBE LA TRAMA A MODO DIGITAL!Lame clickbait title.One time he asked me for help with a tattoo he was going to get.Bravo por el trabajos, felicitaciones!

Like everyone has these

Like everyone has these

I also appreciate how you never give up and keep on tossing wood :).He does a good job in discouraging children and amateurs and offending everyone.Did Eugene really name his dog rice in Korean?What would the problem be in using polyester resin instead?It makes me feel comfortable in my journey to learn to be good at chess that even Ben Finegold can make a move like Rd1.Learn a lot from this video.

Very dramatic and pressure bound game, Wilson made less mistakes and in more composure so i believe he deserved the win.Here is what I tried:class Programstatic void Main(string args)Console.What an incredible game, just surreal, the sacrifice of both bishops!What's the name of the tool at 8:27?Is Chess24 run by some pussies or what?At 15:37 the guy is like "wow a free queen!

But too bad

But too bad

Thanks for posting this!Come on I understand nothing.I saw Bishop to d3 but I certainly couldn't have gotten there.Work on the moves timing.On a side note, don't forget to bring your alter ego out once in a while and take down tender Magnus in the most violent way possible!1:13:16 missed mate in 1 actually 2 Queen b1.

I have a business 20Km from my home that sells a lot of exotic wood.The technique is same as Indonesian traditional techniques.Phenomenal work Paul and the giant moustache really caught me out.Make your shellac with the 90% Everclear (if you can get it in your State) - it's much easier on the senses than denatured alcohol.She reminds me of an art teacher I had in the 10th grade, so sweet artistic and encouraging!At 13:24 counldnt he have played bishop b6 and getting the queen?I did a similar illegal move too, on accident, because of two reasons: 1- I don't play often and 2- I get easily confused with diagonal movement.There seems to be a combination of factors that resulted in your failures.Great video, as usual.Do they let yifan in just because of pity?

Is this guy stupid or having the same issue as Joe?Good video as usual .So, what Charity will you be Auctioning it off for and where will it be?If you don't have a capacitor tester, you can replace it and see if it works, or you can just touch the positive leg to positive and negative to negative with the old capacitor still in.The glare from camera lights hitting the brake lights.Jusf use python.Shameful - Lou Dobbs.Im at minute 13:10 and i run my sketch and console say me Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'eat' of undefinedat sketch.

alessandro m c f


Eddie Roberts

Jay blac said anwarn you wanta start this one


at 4:44 whats wrong with Rookf1?!

Hubris Personified

thanks for doing this

shabu's world

Like 2020!

mike barillet

Intro Volume: 12 Rest of Video: 6

Tathagata Roy

Sir,Can I make my first move with knight ?

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Darren Gibson

I really enjoy how well you explain these positions.I think you have a natural talent as a speaker.I hope you make more like it.If you had your own channel I would certainly subscribe. Thanks again.

Justin Liu

I don't like this. It feels like you are exploiting a vulnerable male population when you do chess and put on a"women are just hot and ditsy" act. I like the "women hold up half the sky" model that produced the elite eastern european women's chess world that both of you come from.Just sayin, I like to know where I come from.

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Can you make a video for newbies like me where you explain most of the moves and what they try to achieve

Daniel Gajdo

fxe6 Rf1 but Benko don't like coffeehouse


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