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Amazing Talented Old school craftsmanship.Endregion, on the code?Thanks for this lesson, got to get started.

The truth is Botvinnik would have won easily.Can you do a video on your white repertoire.How can i add background picture in visual studio 2019?Best chess channel but this "hello everyone!DV Tape was the first time I've seen anything record standard definition analogue TV better than Betamax, and that actually crops the left and right of a UK PAL transmission, as well as the overscan top and bottom.Story of a humankind and over.Every time i see fake violin playing, because i’ve played for so long it’s just so noticeable.I love this kind of long videos, I can easily watch them in 7-8 parts whenever I have time, and it's always a pleasure to watch you play ) My personal advice is, if you are down with the time, like 15-20 seconds left, you can just focuson the game without comment it.

Russia has produced some of the sickest

Russia has produced some of the sickest

Great interview!That lady must be blind who said he was real goodlooking and she fell in love with him for a sec.Thanks for the comment.No lleva levadura?Ma'am I made it and it really came out so well but a little sticky.The first match was a joke or something?Nice trash talking by the world champion!Great cnc machine.This is almost 1 year ago.

On the final pass

On the final pass

Impressive work.I'm surprised you still have your teeth hand tightening the chuck like you do.My favorite is the way you say gambit.My friends talk about sportsMy brain: 4:35 - 4:42.Is there anybody like this in Michigan?48:00 isnt Qh8 a checkmate in 1?

I kinda wished the man drivng the tractor thing just drove off the bridge in to the water.Yeah, traxler is my favourite too.Congratulations, it is stunningly beautiful.Sometimes as a human it's hard to admit that someone is better than what you think your the best at.We need a travel version of that teacher for daily life.Ooops, until i nearly lost a thumb on a table saw.I have a prototype built, but I'm noticing problems with it trying to sag under the weight of my laptop.

It also reminds

It also reminds

Thanks for posting!Mehr geht nicht Super.Is that really a threat to draw or even win?His mother must be deranged to think her skunk of a son is a nothing but a skunk.Very motivational.  Better for White to keep the black square Bishop so Bxd6 and Rxe2 check!Magnus is a damn genius!

Who's this guy playing black pieces?So by full story you mean random cutscenes and trailers that don't give any information on the in-game story?They are Chinese JUNK." Rubbish, I've never heard of him.Everyone knows that prank Zach.Your video is so well done my confidence in my ability to do this is greatly increased.Making 2k players look like scrubs.Why is china always bringing up diseases, that country should be investigated thoroughly, also Godspeed to scientists working on the vaccine.Active Directory?

Crow Rat

But Dexter kills serial killers... not innocent people!

Lelay Malo

You should have made egg benidict not poached eggs and humans are animals

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I HATE this guy.Shut the fuck up with the ads.How is this channel so popular?Thank god for the channel blocking add-on.

Tim 999

12:13 Mhh you said "Zwischenzug" and that's german (I'm from Germany). Why did you say that in german lol?

Ammar Mohd

This magzy looks so good

KA05 Jr

Mister Gambit got me

Waylon Tiede

You didn’t win you got second place


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