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Only slight concussion from the towel".31:00 why the two triangles are similar?Psychopaths are good at chess.How did you determine the amount of moves left for the first generations ?I also make computer moves.3:44 it says on the console Script Grid has the same name component as built-in unity component.We as humans really really really really value ourselves.

What am I

What am I

I like the symmetry of the zeros, magic I tell you.It lasts forever too.If 10 is infinity then1infinity should be 0.What about Pluto?And amazing, that he could win that position.This is what attrition looks like.I have a few from the 7080's, but love that one!

Also Qb7-a6 is probably trying too hard to refute it.Even I have played some games very Similar to this idea and won.Great stuff - thanks.I'm a student from bmc!If you feel your spouse is texting or seeing another woman or man and you can quite get a real evidence to clear those doubts and know where you stand in the relationship.I’m super late for turkey day or Santa day, but I imagine you’d need to like.

You can use thin sheets of teflon to put under your boards if you do not want them to stick.Wish this channel (or YouTube) was around when I was in high school!Sally it said sally because it sally.Thank you so much.The amount lies and fakes on cooking videos are mind boggling.Black player is a beginner.Wieder sehr interessant, i muss jetzt dann a endlich mal was mit Epoxid ausprobieren.

Check his comments at the beginning and end of the tourney.Maravilloso Sinplenente maravilloso.What did you use to adhere the sticks to the back of the number one fondant figure?Reshma suresh5 months agonice filmREPLY14View all 4 replies reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agowhat I CNT understandREPLY4View reply reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agonice filmREPLY4View all 2 replies SHIHABUDHEEN SHASHIHABUDHEEN SHA5 months agoniceREPLY4Feel LifeFeel Life3 months agoWhat is the name of the movieREPLY3View all 2 replies Kayshop KalitaKayshop Kalita3 months agoREPLY3View reply reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agosry I can't understandREPLY2View reply reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agosry I can't understandREPLY2reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agodry I can't understandREPLY2reshma sureshreshma suresh5 months agowhat I CNT understandREPLY2View all 2 replies Suhail SuhailSuhail Suhail4 months ago REPLY2mohammed abdulla vcmohammed abdulla vc1 day agoWhat a comedyREPLYmohammed abdulla vcmohammed abdulla vc1 day agoNiceREPLYRam RajanRam Rajan1 month agoMy fevered filmREPLY1Akshay AchuAkshay Achu2 months agoGood hhhhhREPLY1Deric ClintonDeric Clinton2 weeks agoNice.Phone's ringing Dude.


When you play chess I get itchy nuts

SeongKyun Jung

Lol i can't believe that actually was the answer thought I got smth wrong


Sucks for the headphone users because that wee kid in the class clearly has a cold or something and it's persistent :L Ugh haha

Shema Dalos

Finallllly he makes a vidddddd

Bruce Willis

I really believe that if Fischer had learned chess with modern theory he would have consistently outplayed Carlson

Lazar Petrovic

23:44 I just love the fact that Adam is having the time of his life while letting them race and all the while Michael's crouching over there, looking at the camera, eyes wide, like a psychopath... LOVE THE WORK XD


Too good man.. Great job buddy

David Nantz

Crazy dog dreaming.

Muhammed Navfal

Carlson: listens to musicNakamura: Am I a joke to you?

Dennis S

The castle seems like a great idea

Ein Google Nutzer

0:46 Carlsen is trying to move the pieces with the power of his mind

Intan Haerani Bijak Cendekia

Lierrrr lierrr tapi berhasil nuhun mang ...

Richard Samuelson

Were there any SLP (which I can't help but read as "Sleep", thanks to Pokemon) albums?



Clyde Decker

LOVE the handles. Interesting approach to the build.Seems that the weak point might be in the jaw screw threads. That bolt didn't seem very effective at making deep grooves.


Bummer, I just bought stones.

Jer Ignacio

I salute this guy. He is a legend.

Hardik Kataria

You're all time favourite chess player of mine

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