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Glacier Warriors: How good are they? | Gameplay | Auto Chess Mobile

The most beautiful chess board I have ever seen!Am I the only one that wants to comment on his hair.What can u salvage from phones.So I guess head gaskets are not off the shelf.

Agad You make chess

Agad You make chess

Is your jointer a Grizzly?What type of wood is being used here?Boss Rod, maganda sana kung merong ding actual video.I can only wonder if he face palmed as hard as I do immediately after the blunder!But Vijayan Raghavan was an Asst.Pretty interesting that Azerbaijan has no world champion on chess.Anyone catch the eminem reference, "Im gonna capture it and not just let it slip" im liking this guy more and more.Q: This wasn't the desert.Hahaha You got My cards right.Are there any changes that you would make?

Love the channel

Love the channel

Hey Agad do you ever show fan games?He think every secound for best combination this is the diffrent." so this is how it works.That man IS chess.As soon as I typed this out I figured it out in my head so for anyone else that may have this question I think the reason you start at F is because it the earliest note you can sharpen, the one before that is Bb so obviously you cant have Bb sharp.It's still all about the Players, but you still don't miss out on the ideas that can only be produced by pure calculation power.

This is pure gold.

This is pure gold.

Short is a killer!Would you suggest biqu magician as a good starter printer.I am Lost for words.Numberphile, i think that i made a "quare of Pascal".They or we for that matter know of.You have too play by yourself.Why are you calling him Paul?Did you ever put it on a CMM to see if it came out perfect?

Either he did it intentionally or unintentionally.My son can set it above 1024 768 on a 1050p screen its greyed out.Thanks again man, you do a great job.About that design and work i give full points.Was that a problem?This is the answer to our prayers!

Larry Hoffman

"What am I doing? I was just testing the water... I'm feeling a bit nackered" - 19 Hours before the next break. Lol

Jerry Gibson

Thank you for sharing! I can't stop watching

Dipul Bharalua

Only 6 lost in 68 games... God like performance.


suggestionpost video of you analyzing fans (of you) games

Ramil Ian Rumusud

Thumbs up!!

Ariana Brand

Now I knew it! Thank you everyday Brightside for making me brighter always


Excellent commentary. I learned something about control of c5 in this opening and the ..d5 threat. Why did Fischer play f4? That looked bad on principle.


21:43 I always love these moments were you can here those vocals things or something, also here you can here it 1:30:25

cua nguyenviet

Cmt dau

Qu ng Tia Chp


Brian Matthews

Clear, concise, good pace. Well done.


Sooo who won exactly??


Yay, alcohol!

Akshay Naik

I was checking my internet connection because of that pause


Do you dwell at the bottom of the first hole to ensure a perfect nice surface for the 40d? Thanks

Frabcesco D'Antonio

E' veramente un bel lavoro!. Ciao.

Aaron Hanks

I live only an hour away from St. Louis. If you need me to go up there and slap some people, I will.

Paul Browning

I gotta remember my log in. I'm on my dads account. Tryna save these vids

NaKa Ji

Back when laura shigihara used to still post often, I can hear her singing most of the songs covered in here... brings me back to a simpler time whenI didn't worry or cried so much. Life's such a trip.

Adrian Nielsen

CMD,Powershell, Python, C, C. Powershell is the Python of Microsoft. C is the Java of Microsoft. Powershell could be seen as an intro to C, as the commands are much simpler and it works with C. C only seems hard if you haven't taken C. C is easier than C (although C should be taken before C since C was built with C), and C is harder than C, at least from my experience.


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