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GM Aman Hambleton Bullet Chess Speedrun | Part 2

Fortress established with Rd4 :).  I've been experimenting myself with cutting boards and building them for family members and possibly selling them as well.Ang sarap talaga balikan.Very well done, bravo.Superb vedioenjoyed so much on seeing.Kramnik is not a technical player, Kramnik is mainly a creative imaginative player with outstanding chess knowledge in terms of understanding of the position, by far the greatest ever.

This guy is awesome, instead of buying he create his own toys.What size and brand of fridge do you use for your cakes?Wondering, why don't you paint all the bolts, nuts and washers before assembly?Drying TPU at 160f for 10 hours looks a little extreme?Very very groovy man!Yeah, I'll just go ahead and buy that $6000 pc with the $6000 I definitely have to spend on it.

I've never been

I've never been

Love the work on the inlays as well, beautiful touch.5:43 how is that possible.All the other tutorials were great but you got me greatly dissapointed by checking the win state like this bcs if we had 500 x 500 grid this would be useless method.Pang inggit tlg umiral nawawala na ang pagmamahal at respeto.5:43- Those last few seconds when we were done being traumatized as children.She is incredibly beautiful tbh.Did anyone else notice the dime?Bobby Fischer Games, please.I am a Maths lover. One thing though: You took way too much time on move 23.

I have buy this boards but the colour of this boards are starts to remove.The I plugged in numbers for x(the number of days) and approximate for natural numbers.Brainwashing our children to their liberal way of thinking.I wish I could be that good at using my knights.They should have engineered Bitcoin mining for this purpose.

Pathetic, I do this every other game.

Pathetic, I do this every other game.

Islam is cancer.Hey bro, can you tell me the size of the pieces in centimeters?No technology at all its pure magic.Its inspiring and encouraging and even a little sexy if I dare to say.Who is that dude in top right corner and what is he doing there.Watch this movie only for Srank (Salim ikka).How fucked up in the head can you be to kill a 2 year old?It make me remember about carlsen vs kasparov many gm even gm with 2700 only want a draw again carlsen but this boy is winhaha china, any relation about this kid ( gm penguin) and xiong jeffery of usa?You only engraved one side?

Like guys this is his

Like guys this is his

Kind of odd having it so close to the stairs.The shopkeeper lost 1000 Rs Because she gave him a fake note and he have to give the other shopkeeper 1000 Rs.Hi Agad, thanks for the great contents you share, they really made me love chess.Carlsen does not know how to lose anymore.Never seen anyone even attempting to make something so beautiful!Human on human action gachiGASM.This could just be a late (for us) April 1sr joke too, lol.Nobody wants to hear all the extra crap.Incremental and subprograming is fundamental technic.

So many bot subscribers.Try living or growing up like that and them you can comment.Best way to checkmate in 2 steps :1: prepare checkmate2: deliver mate.Felt like a kid again watching this.Man this shit is interesting.Try this good rpg on android : the quest 9th dawn 12 9th mage vampire s fall originsexiled kingdomsmorphitesiralim 12dungeons of chaosdoom and destiny 12.For a now 2year old laptop the battery and the machine overall is amazing.And where do you buy wood?2018 kannunnavar like adiche.


At 35:08 queen was trapped you should've just moved the knight :)

vivek patil

When his bishops are worth more than his queen.

Josh Luth

The mytoolist site seems to be hijacked. You may want to check on that.

Seb Dews

The chess ok but Finegold's tiresome diversions make this unwatchable.

Donald Trump

Now how to win against two Bishops only with a king


lol John Lennon made a video!

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