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GM Analysis #31 How to improve by looking at your own games

Hammerite is great, but you should not and can not thin it out.Well what can I say, amazing work,as a beginner with limited space projects like that can be really useful :D.Serial Killer’s Parents: treat child worse than garbage and give him countless mental and social problemsSerial Killer: Kills peopleSerial Killer’s Parents: Surprised Pikachu face’.Anyone else experience this when trying it themselves?The merit of this video is to show how you approach a problem and have a target and plan of attack.Love mikhail tal.

K thut tuyt voi.

K thut tuyt voi.

When I came upon this video I noticed that it was 40 min.I love these I make them all the time.Why does he say you can't drill with an impact?Ktesgxvdeaijjjj vlig,o,.I liked the Fried liver attack It maked more sense to me im a begennir.

Actually I was just recently looking for a new 60" TV.Has anybody else experienced this rule in person?Every time he finishes a segment he has a signature little mustache grin as if to say, "Yeah.Great tutorial and please upload more thank you.:)))I'm wondering, is your arduino!I been there 6 Times that place is serious.I can't identify the 2nd from the right, between Dennis Taylor and Neil Robertson.I'm also currently studying to be an electrical engineer.Damn, the dude never had a chance.

He is hack game very clearly it will not be balanced.Not to mention the FOMO of not taking all these amazing classes!I am a big Morphy fan.Si makmak ata yan?Bideo start at 1:06save your 1 minute.This video was so satisfying to watch from beginning to end.Don't think I would actually buy a apple even if I had the money for one of these things but god dammmm its pretty, ps loved how the top front intake fan was blowing air directly into the cpu heatsink thats efficient use of fans, Great vid L.I have Neuro-Damage to my brain.12:25 instead of Rc7: e5 and after Rxe5 Rc3 easy win.

Art Attack 2019.

Art Attack 2019.

People could not think of Russia in the south.As always thanks for sharing.I think I might just have to do something like this as well!Those are like symbols in chemistry.I think this is an advantage for black, and the appropriate response to rook b1b8.My other theory is of course they blundered the like button.Stop fear mongering the Corona Virus.

Engin Esen

Pure DIY Porn

Mohammad Al-Yatama

OMG MY MIND IS BLOWN! This explains so much.What an awesome teacher you are! I wish I had a teacher like this all those years ago.

Evgeniy Raskolnjikov

Carlsen. It is Magnus CARLSEN. Funny you dont know GOATs surname

Gopi Krishnan



A tradesman works with his hands. A craftsman works with his hands and his head. An artist works with his hands, head, and heart.Beautiful artwork here. You can hear it in their voices.

the new idea

where to learn?

Joseph Robbins

I'd like to get a hold of one of those Bosch fart guns.... 1:11

raza raza

alcohol invented by an Iranian Muslim scientist ZAKARIA RAZI and the name comes from the Muslim word

pablo lacruz

Which computer program do you think you lost to Eric?


15:49 why is pawn E4 bad?


Please delete this video and start over. Thank you very much !

Lumina Mathavan

Paisa vasool game!!!

JFK 813

I said pay attention u see me droppin jewlz yall sleep on the real Hollow

Mathias skoglund

God damit i make all the mistakes

David Melikidze

fishcer took chess to far and didn't even thought about wife or children he spread no genes so people like him will not excist



Dev Goyal

What would be Morphys rating today?

SabreTHG // Tooth Tiger

3:46 am i the only one who heard that?I think magnus stomach is growling.he is hungry thats why he so bad right now


Dog lost it with those stats on carlsen vs ding liren

Emanuel Lunnergrd

Where is the background from? Really cool!

Triphon Stoyanov :D

This is just cringe! I feel bad for every gamer in the world.



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