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GM Aronian (Armenia) - GM Ding Liren (China) FF + PGN123 Blitz

I thought he got 25 years.Mal: "Hoes are like sponges.Solid craftsmanship, beautiful video, everything perfect and ok, i gave a thumbs up.

She is my darling.

She is my darling.

The pieces in tournament sets are smaller.Just take a fast look for woodprix website if you'd like to make it too.After they met in the WCC with all draws until the tie-break rapid phase, the general consensus was that the match fell well short of expectations.The chance of them getting 1st place is 4.42:31 I have a score against Eric, vit1977 on lichess.The subscribe button on screen is a bit distracting but awesome video thanks!The kid could have won earlier.Of COURSE he needs a girlie saw stop!Not many people are willing to live like that though.What kind of civilization won’t eat logical people?

I got one

I got one

This is some incredibly precise, masterful craftmanship.2step ardhakaledhu.I am an amateur and that helps me in playing.I prefer using G92 for this sort of thing.You really are an amazing youngman.Im going to dig up and test.I remember watching record runs and then being around an hour twenty or something.I firmly believe that seeing and thinking in patterns should come first!

Wow wow good

Wow wow good

Dyroth: how recognize what a weak is youElgin: elgin put dyroth to trash.They are not just picking a move for the sake of ita brainstorm is necessary before each move.Beautiful Board.You're not suppose to kill it gotta pay.I’ll maybe do an Euwe game, too, but maybe 50 people will see it.


wow what a great chess


After 6.e5, 6...Qc7 looks good for Black.White can't both protect the e5 and c3 squares, so 7 e:f6 looks forced then 7...B:c3, 8 bc, Q:c3 9 Bd2, Q:d4 10 fg Q:g7 and Black is up a pawn in an unbalanced position.

Firhan Rizani

Souhardo which country?

Dfg Sdfg

When in doubt, always quote Ben Finegold


I love Yasser <3

aloosh alshammari

Truly awesome


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