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GM Cheparinov Ivan - GM Vladislav Artemiev, Blitz chess, Grunfeld defense

Perhaps when chances for a win are slim, you should shoot for an entertaining game instead.The "A" on the mug looks a bit like the logo for Arch Linux.Just wondering: I've heard to turn "Bob Sled" all my life and just wondering how it came about.

I think ettavum koodudal views ulla malayalam padam aan id.I love clash of clans!Why didn't this guy just let x be the original size of the pile, then after the first guy it's (x - 1)(45) because it loses one and then loses 15, then it's ( (x-1)(45) - 1 )(45) for the second guy, keep repeating until the fifth guy.It's just it appears for your purposes the tools are used to take a little off or level the wood, so I'm confused as to the details!No tengo palabras.I love those Carlsen Thumbnails :D.I love the legs man.I don’t care how long the videos arethey could be a 2 hr movie and I would watch it Can’t wait for the next.

I barely can adjust my inner balance to seeing an aging Giri.Black is up a king killed me.This is more disappointing than France vs Croatia.Not monte video AGAD but mont te vidayo pronoucedhe hep.Amazing as always.I think we had the 16 speed records, which were smaller than 78s and made from the same material.One of the greatest Machine Manufacturer ' Makino'.The boards came out gorgeous!Nice mate on 1:27:00 ).

The football analogy should include

The football analogy should include

Playin w a coin?Its as fin a pec as the dimonds that are going to be put into it.Louis Rapid 2017.What do you mean you want more than just a hug?I’ll use this at the bank and kill the employees will I hack a atm.All of these are cool things people never new about.I'll force my son to watch his videos at the age of 2 so that he'll become a World Champ someday.Wish you would have explained your process in more detail.

Your first Tutorial video is really good have detail explanation.Oh gawd those questions by the 'journalist' made me cringe pretty bad.Please tell me soon.Its not Vishwanathan.In the end f5 is definitely a win for white.I was pretty convinced Fischer was the best player ever (With kasparov a close second), never really heard about Tal before a couple of months ago.I used to play the dragon in the past and your in danger to be mated at all time so those word of wisdom are trash but what is not thrash is that attacking pattern that your opponent played I did not know it and it is widely reproducible, only need 1 queen 1 rook 1 night to do it against that black configuration.Winning at least knight and rook cant defend because of b pawn?And move rook to d8.

If you don't like his show,

If you don't like his show,

I've reviewed the Arabic translation of this video, hoping to be useful for all Arabic speakers and others who are interested in.Its always so refreshing to watch old videos.Told you the NYT was fake news!The answer is -800or.Teacher: what’s your favorite game6 year old: basketballTeacher: why6 year old: because it’s funTeacher: ok what about youLiterally the smartest man on earth: guess whoTeacher: whyMan: because it’s so simple.So you'd have your final pile (e) being subtracted by its self by.

The only part that had me a bit confused was the way you explained finding how many and which sharps and flats were in a key signature.Steve do you have a cold?You've got to be really bored with life to purchase this.The pancake on the man's head is off-puttingwhy would you do this-crazy.Proper skill to learn.Nasa huli ang pagsisisi.

Am i wrong or did you not

Am i wrong or did you not

Man your videos always inspire me to read more computer architecture.So, in conclusion, don't be afraid to take a risk.Strange during infinity war- simulating hundreds of possible ending in their brain, then picks the best, thus the long pauses.Moves like these should have been included but they weren't because of their nature.I would watch beautiful brainy Anna open a carton of milk.Word "salary" did come from the fact that people wages (especially conscripts and mercenaries) were paid in salt instead of coin which would indicate salt had a proper value.Where there no women chess players on the office that they ?

Topher Daniel

Ali !!! My dude hitting the last second shot in the fourth quarter!


yea except chess is more about memory than strategy.


Thank you!Very good video!

Sig Guy

Unbelievable, Andrei.Fabulous work!


1:40 finish!


I never thought i could almost get a heart attack from a chess game phewwww jesus that was stressful

John Johnson

Dr. Sebi said it ALL about your health and now we ALL need to focus, donate and check out: Rise of the Moors on YouTube

John Beyers

Nice commentary! Pacing was good and I like how you included a few alternate lines.

Joe Smith

What would u recommend for duf tiles


Who is GM Arka? Thanks.


...B:f4 was a big mistake....g5 instead and black has a very dangerous initiative.....

Joe Dorben

When you make these videos in the future, could you potentially consider playing 1900 players? It would be more instructive for players who are in the 1800 range to see how these concepts work in action against more competent and resilient players. Players in the 1200-1600 range barely even know how not to blunder every other move, and it sort of spoils an instructive demonstration when they just randomly blunder a rook while you are in the process of carrying out a plan.

Mr Inconsistent

Hi Steve,When are you going to do another detailed build series like this? Bit disappointed the videos you put out these days don't tell you a lot in terms of techniques and detail, whereas this series is fantastic. Would be great to see you do another one of these in the near future.Cheers


I admireyourtenacity! But what a palaver. I have a better ideausing a metal marking compass score what would be the joints on the wood andusing wood stainto give the impression of those joints ...A lot easier.In other wordsCHEAT!!!!!Great vidthough

santosh Minde

Rd3kc8Rc3. Kb8Qc7. Ka8Qa5. Kb7Qb4. Ka6Qa3. Kb5Qb2. Ka4Ra3

to be wrong!

The Angry Economist

they contracted Carlsen to chess24?

Leon Do

This is really helpful. Can this be done with HTML5 or something other than flash?

Sinz!sans Uhh god

link of that you playinG?


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