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GM Denis Kadrić - GM Branko Damljanović, derbi 6.kola "Sportsko leto 2016" Paraćin

The guy at the front wasn't paying attention, wyd?Hola buenas noches vende videos para tomar cursos?We just got here !Anyone pls explain 15 th qstn.Congrats on a million views!Because it's coarse, rough and gets everywhere.How does one guy so often beat everyone?Me: why are you wearing raybands.

The picture in my head was to perfect 3.Romeo aint from the streets.Hahahahaha the Commando joke.MGA MAGULANG, GALING SA INYO ANG MGA ANAK NINYO.Then there were the 9 RPM 14 inch discs which were used to provide transcriptions of network radio programming to radio stations nationally.After Ke5 the position is totally crushed.U stupid u think u r playing with kids.Great job very much inspired me to try it my self.But as it was mentioned right from the very title: THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR CHESS.

I'm tryna go 100%.Your code is very easy to read and helpful to my imptovement.I so lost it at Baby seal.Shame Bronstein is unavailable.Why is there a women section ?Let's get all rad, cool, swank, nuts, and crazy.Great lesson, terrible audio.The basics r so boring but I learn so much for these video your fast pace and explaining as you go really keeps me watching.I like her voice its sounds nice and like meg's from family guy.Vidit may rue the day he exchanged one rook, but don't be too hard on yourself Vidit, this could happen to anyone.

We don't know what's special

We don't know what's special

Best woodworker ever!Magnus is makinga hintto chess24, i need a newwebcam :).Cade os brasileiros ?You don’t speak English.And thank got the 5 looks like a 5 and not an upside down 2 like those "genuine" ones.All the best for you and your family in 2019.She has gru's way of talking, from despicable me.In the years I learned how to hold the knife and the sharpening tool (witch can be a stone, or steel one) for own preferences of cutting.Is it boring or interesting?Wife: You're in the dog house.

Knight's Journey is solvable.

Knight's Journey is solvable.

At 6:16 u said the white queen would be hanging if pawn took the black horse but theres a horse protecting it so he would be offering a trade.What kind of milk you use?Reminded me of all the river washed pebbles I collected whenever visited a hill station.When it's cold, I like to wear my slipperonies.Porque youtube me recomienda esto?This is how stupid they think we are.The Chinese game of Go is not a variation of chess.

When you play Bf4.

When you play Bf4.

Letmegooglethatforyou and readtheresults.You don't have to be top tier to be a good analyst btw.I never watched any chess commentators until I discovered agadmator, additionally my last name is also Tal!The thing is nobody is interested in chess so when I try to teach them they just walk away making me look like a complete idiotI love your vidios and also the games you upload helpes me improve.Agadmator is a true chess player thinking chess out off the Board: "eeh, dont go to People in the park if youre very Young".Really takes away from the experience while watching.Don't watch these videos.Nice energy output, wow!No wonder he is booming in ratings too.

Hi John, is your name actually John or

Hi John, is your name actually John or

Awesome pics, ty for sharing, ty for the video!Buka sitik JOSS.1:08:55 BETRAYAL.This boy is not fast.LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON LONDON.Nepo and his expressions.Like you said, taking it slow.ARE YOU SERIOUS ?

TttyMcSwgg TM

How about highlighting those moves? Like if you agree

Pingo Penguin

very nice video, thanks. can you make another video explaining the lines where black refuses to commit early in the center and plays opening movies like g6, nf6, bg7, b6, bb7 etc.?


At 9:44 black blunders by moving queen to d6 , instead of the massive check/fork by his knight to g4 , how did Agadmator miss this?

Eric Rusch Sr

Saving this to my favorites!Thanks Shaun!

Susanne M N

Sooo delicate,and pretty cake!!!!!!!!!


And this my friends is why we get the smart people to make us game engines :)

Suzi SaintJames

Wow! It's gorgeous! P.s. Didn't notice the manyvoice overs. Great job. With love from sunny Arizona USA


LouI’m a retired Engineer and the answer to your Pandemic Question is two fold1) IT IS NOT THE ROLE OF THE US GOVERNMENT TO MAKE THAT DECLARATION, IT IS THE ROLE OF THE WHO2) I have looked up the definition of a Pandemic and THERE IS NO DEFINITION THAT CAN BE IMPLEMENTED. It is simple wide spread outbreak over a large geographic area. That has no meaning from a scientific meaning.And don’t forget that one of the roles of the News Media and Federal Government is DO NOT CAUSE AN UNNECESSARY PANIC. What you want would in fact cause an unnecessary panic

Nick McLay

I am motivated....beautiful work

Long PK Gaming Channel

The nao la NM ha anh

Jeff Smith

I enjoyed watching but Id like to see some current games analyst

MedicTiger 28

There is no link

Abo Dukhan

do you have Blitz Stream ? if not please do one ..

diptanjan sarma purkayastha

arrows arrows

mahmache taha

thank you jimmy diresta


If they banned Math Hoffa for years I think the same is about to happen to Twork because you can't just go around beating staff members up especially at an event. It wouldn't be as bad if Twork didn't record it but you know niggaz ALWAYS gotta be in the spotlight

Nounours polaire

45:25 The opponent keeps disconnecting when it's HIS turn and when he reconnects he plays quite immediatly, except at the end when the mating net is much easier to find.Typical of chess engine assistance player.

Neta Hamiel

Why is square root allowed but a cube root isn't


too much fat, too much sugar... too easy to make this cake "delicious"...

Sara/Sam Dixon

I would have stopped at the pen. It's too cool. I need it--


Mitch has it with 58:37


That was an excellent video.Tory was an awesome host.Thank you for sharing!

Ivan Ernanda

4:31 Gajah berkata : "setidaknya diriku pernah berjuang" Meskipun hal tersebut hanya membuang waktu :v

Anna Sampson


Dragon Emperor

10:22 Why not black trapped the b7 Knight just like the possibility explained before by Agadmator?After Re1 (h1 Rook) Black plays rc7. Can the knight be saved now?

Entidade Wolf

Yup....until I lost all my data to a broken HP Laptop, I thought they were worthwhile


What's the name of the first song?

Kaiser Zephan

Just your normaltroll level Yawn


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