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Love the way he teaches!Hey I have gravity maze :D.Instead of actually SHOWING WHAT IS HAPPENING.You made a survival run.

I like how it's presented explicitly without

I like how it's presented explicitly without

You should check out Svelte-js.Of ways in which we can get a score of 11 by throwing a 3 different dice.Go help out DMX then talk about it later before everyone quotes RIP on social media.There are also powers of (xy)first row is 11so first power is xysecond row is 121so second power is 1x22xy1y2the pattern here is that the powers of x is going down from left to right and starts with the number of the row and y does the opposite.The same thing happens if you pour layers of resin.Would be better if you’ll make a separate list of defences to counter e4 and d4 opening.The algorithm learned to go in circles.6:18 hahahahaha.

Alliance for life.Parenthood is a privilege not a right.Thanks for the video :).It was like watching a who done it mystery.Wat u vil do with this cake.Was it really only that picture that caused that idiot in SLCC IT to copystrike this video?Pls add the PGN inthe description.If Rxg7 then Kh8 and how does white use the scewer?I think they're trying to lull each other to sleep that's the way the games are looking.Ual email site love.

He didnt want the 20 even tho 20 meant alot to him back then.Keith's self esteem jumped out.What if the man pushed Nat and the baby and then hung himself on the tree.I also did my share of repairing 8-track cassettes.Pretty interesting that Azerbaijan has no world champion on chess.And yay, I got C0 3121 as one of many, many solutions.

A tool infomercial.Because there is a lot of coughing you know.Yeah this is very CoolI live This Work.At 13:35 what if black plays d7-d5 counterattacking our bishop?SJWs watching Family Guy : "Their portrayal of asian people is so racist!Shooney look like holiday heart wtf lol.

Can you upload pragnanadhaa vs hikamura Tata steel

Can you upload pragnanadhaa vs hikamura Tata steel

Hello, i play against computer, it s grand master, but i can't beat it.It just occurred to me you’re the crazy scientist of the craftsman’s world.What are you saying Nicholas Wong.If it wasn’t for the last minute,nothing would get done.Like a slow death.Very cool project.Then the solution was revealed.I remember when you guys dropped this vid it's still a great one.

Eeehhh stranger danger.At 9:12 the main line is actually for white to take on d5 first, and then to play Qb3.Very impresive work!You know technically Kirk is in the ribbon when Kirk and Picard thwart the good Dr.With the proper white and silver tints it might be possible to achieve a faux mother of pearl effect with the epoxy I think.A request: BEN vs YASSER !Which compiler do you use.Instead off wood I think pine cones centered around the dowel with a fog looking epoxy would look beautiful.Making it on a drill press I think they turned out good.

Drake Hopkins

At 2:11 after we play d3 what if they don't capture my pawn and immediately play h6 to kick off my knight, it will be stuck in an awkward position i guess i thought of two possibilities 1) if i play Nh3 he will capture it with his lightsquared bishop and i will have doubled pawns on h-file2) if i play Nxe4 he would capture my knight and i would be forced to take with my pawn and he would exchange queens and i would lose capability to castle :(

Joe Woo


Phucdztv Sv1

Hay :v

Neptun Posidon

08.july 2019 romanic calender ,San fulgencio Alicante spain. no no no la marina .....


Technology and automation is changing the way we see work -Andrew Yang

MobilePlays 101

2:29 the OG slimeeee....

Nadia sweet baby Rampersad

Dark shadow pop out the brushed


What year was "Repasz Band--March" recorded, please? Is the composer known?

Strategos Kakos

Fish (29:30) is also important as it is not meat - and meat was forbidden/frowned uponto be eaten in lent and advent as well as on fridays by the church.This is also the reason for brining or salting the herring: It is the only way to get it to keep for those times and to transport it from the sea into the hinterlands

Charles Qualmann

Fantastic game choice, Agadmator! And it's definitely nice when you tell us when we're in a new game )

Dulce e Clara

Sempre venho aqui

Honey Bee

tOm SpOoKy oOoooOoooOOoOOOOOo

Adventures with Frodo

Great Bullshit opening. POS VIDEO.

Rex Luther

Mortal Chess Combat.....FATALITY!!!!!


For me Alexandra, Anna, Sopiko are the top 3 beauties in high level chess.

charlie h

Bobby Fischer was an egotistic narcissist of course he cared about money


Better than touhou

Daniel G

This was fun to watch. I love this woman's way of speaking about math!


Beautiful buddy!


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