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GM Radosław Wojtaszek - GM Magnus Carlsen

Moe theres something rite behind u.Funny and interesting.Molt do you have another acct in The Aftermath?Did his king move like 4 spaces in one move?

Maurice:" Gary:Im taking you out.You can do it by making 5 attempts by doing combination like 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5, 1-6.Thank you for this pretty cool vid on chess.Blocks the h6-c1 diagonal and prepares Kf2, unpinning the bishop and attacking the rook.

Considering a gtx 1080ti is STILL 1k bucks on Newegg, it'll be 2k bucks in a month.Really nice piece of work they have done.5:46 - Shit hits the WHAT THE FUCK!Nice to see so many women in the top 100!This is really helpful.Let's see where I get from here now.I know that you did not have porno on beta tapes at the local porno shop.They just sprinkled some cinnamon on it.

That will get you a better glue to glass % (I’m an aerospace composite guy myself so wetting out glass is something I’ve done a lot).Stephen Hawking's soul is a piece of the universe.9:26 I love da music.I agree with square edges on the top instead of the curves.It’s really yum!

If I have to

If I have to

Last game was pretty brutal."its fun getting into trouble".Also good on you sir to take the time and teach your kid these skills.I'am going to take yourdesign and go with it.This was so impressive.Mma has the same sort of risk of quick losses that chess has.I'm from Colombia and so i love you'r creations are amazing good work men.Just wondering how much waste material was there?So, yea, I kind of understand why that fox news guy spoke out like that.Looking for a way to legitimately generate income online is tough.

 Just look at the comments now.

 Just look at the comments now.

Hindi me uska analysis dekhne ka maza hi kch aur hoga.Nice job on the dovetail cutter.Do you want to get insulted, is that your point from this video ?My uncle was a fighter jet pilot before.Thanks for the entertaining click-bait though :D.You are very crazy dude I agree with you haha.


Set up the chest board. Understand the chest board.Become the chest board.


2:19 Noice.


Mr P: I love your videos and this one is great. Remember that it's good to pick up a few bucks as long as it doesn't mess with your fair reviews. Some of this felt a bit like an ad.

Elia Arranaga

All three are beautiful! Do you wash the flowers before putting them in the cake?

Don Ryder

will an end-grain board not collapse if the wood expands or or shrinks?or does it depend on the dryness of the wood as well as the wood species?I am going to build a board myself and am deciding if just to follow the grain.


this is awesome!you not only refinished the desk, you fixed the clock.amazing.


You should show in the video you giving back honestly, not only would it be nice content but it would provide the viewers with the ability to see that interactions and allow us to possibly adapt the good natured approach that you take in terms of these matches

John Smith

Nice work!!!!

Dylan Jurczyk

Who is watching his old video's and watching to newest video's? because i am watching his oldest video's to newer it's like a challenge to me.

Justin Poole

Anwar is worse then Rome DMV..

ImPickle Rick

Pluto is a planet.


I view your sawmill design as being like the basic, reliable Volkswagen that other people will augment with their own improvements. A person versed in robotics could add self alignment, self tensioning and feedback or even a drive so they don't need to push it manually. There's plenty of possibilities.

Rajeshwar Dwivedi

clips is a good man ,whenever that girls forgets or fumbles or chokes he stands there and doesn't make fun ,he silences the crowd when its the girls turn and he supports her when she actually spit good bars .


Getting criticised for Be3 for over 150 years? Chess critics are tough, man.

Marc Lee

Turning our homes walnut again one finely restored piece at a time.Hey, I'm old enough to remember when walnut was in......and unfortunately burnt orange shag your work.


It looks very nice! Greetings from Belgium.

Sai Kumar

Hi annayya naadhi Oka question accident avvuthunappudu manam Enduku aarusthamu

S culinary

Jb kadhai me cake bake karoge to steam banta h, lid esa clean nhi hota h


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