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GM Wang Hao - GM Adly Ahmed, Sicilian defense, Blitz chess

You made a great score with those fence posts.Thanks for adding my name in your video.The musicians are the theologians quoting from the sacred scriptures an we, the congregation.I'm not a chess player (yet), but your videos have made me want to start playing!Smirnov is a GM,at your level of play in a million try you will never beat him.The early vote is already in.He explains it very well.Ok I'll be honest.

At 11:20 when Omar spins around if u look on the right in the trees looks like the same figure that was in the road set way in.Nice, but It is very expensive.0:22 "just happens to be brown"me from 2016 : yea OK.Sigra Yang setuju like.I'd say f3 wasn't a very good move by Rapport.This dumb son of a bitch can't teach chess worth shit.That would heal all my headache.

Linus gonna love it.

Linus gonna love it.

Keith:yesEugene:for any sexual reasons(also gives him a smexy look)Keith:.Hi Eric i enjoy your chess clipsAre there any possibility to share some lines from stafford gambit, after this move: 1.Straight waste of time.Bongcloud attack - Kasparov variation.I remember feeling sorry for Anand when I first saw this game.This guy is really taking his time on this plate or bowl got to speed up the process to make an interesting.Its a game not a sport.

In the game white could do it because it had the other knight going to f5 and taking away h6 square from black's king (around 18:35).Mind blowinganimation-toobizarre tounderstandatfirsthoweverhismonologueat theendaboutsciencebeingaboutcuringdiseaseand end suffering-POO-POO today's researchis aboutPOWER CONTROL, the enslavementof the world through thisveryscience.Lured the K away, used his pawn to create and fixate a weakness (h pawn), created a situation of KR against R, the R had to let one of the 2 enter the camp.Poor guy i fill sorry for him.From my experience i can say - Epoxy in it self is stronger than any lacquer i've tested (around 5 different profesional products, also its stronger versus any chemical reactions.Can we hang out for a weekend?Just reading title, table saw should always be 1.It could make a beautiful cigar box but I gave up smoking, That was just beautiful.They just saw the first comment and commented YEEET I DID THIS IN THE 8TH GRADE.Linus on the other hand is a real human without hidden agendas to grab more money for himself, he just goes "well I love people, but not in that way.

Who else is pretending to conduct an orchestra with the audio.Interesting joint for the craftsmanartisan.How much is this DGT Pi?The reason this sucks is because you used a massive piece of brass.Ne7 forking rook and king ?

As I’m watching this, I’m thinking it would be nice to see someone invent protective gloves.I started using this method since last month and it was very effective, and also your method in paneling with fondant, I used it with my tall cakes.Easier to make.The station could have 5 drones.Thanks for sharing your great work.Xd wheres the dog?"But I'll be Back.I remeber my SD for the DS had literally 50 games.

Was there a left side of the screen?The very guys that made me leave the trades.A great video by Matt!Maybe for a guitar amplifier or speaker cabinet with exposed corners sure, but it's just too much work for standard desk or dresser drawers.It is a unusual and elegant piece.I appreciate that it’s really free.I'll have to try it on my next dog house!Just wondering why some parts are of plywood.Thanks Wendy for fucking up.

Assuming her owned his publishing, Joe could rerelease that track in this era and it would hit.Ill tell you right now, that isnt a laptop mic.My vast knowledge is severely limited, and I knew nothing about Paul Morphy.Absolutely beautiful.I couldn't find it, maybe I'm blind.phut 2:30 nu tt 7g ln 6g thi lam th nao z.First of all, awsome desing and awsomelly built.Oh, I remember that Tom and jerry episode(?Can you help to change the track?Que groso ese pibito.

Duan Stoievi

Great video as always! How long the handle should be for 500g axe?

Juan Ignacio Cidre

Am I the only one that hates the sound of a marker on paper??

Suresh Pujeri


Layne Green

Just wait untill all the trees for of old age and say "no, there are not 18 or 20 trees".

Evan Gertis

Reframing an experience in life is a wonderfully powerful way to overcome adversity.

Sean Last

"all was well"this is the one soundtrack no potterhead will ever forget for as long as they live.


This is your best video. It takes concentration and isn't as entertaining as bullet tournaments, but it rewards repeated viewing.

Mustapha Hawily

Out of curiosity, instead of playing queen to D1 to defend the bishop and fork the queen to prevent checkmate, can queen to H1 be played instead in that situation?

jaymark dumlao12

I think its th best mm


Do more!

Spruce Mouthman

Carlini has got to let his hair go already. He's holding onto that thing for dear life.


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