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GO champ Ke Jie talks about his match with Google's AI

Sweating over nanoseconds of perfection is sorta taking the soul out of your music, isn't it?Ganda ng life story.Hard to believe it wasn't on purpose.I wonder if a dado stack in it would world in place of the router sled setup you used.If you really wanted to Ego check into any Hospital in the America but you want to blame the fact that you made a phone call and I didn't call you back come on man.I seriously enjoyed that.

Such a lovely video,

Such a lovely video,

Around 46:00, why not Bf5 take c2?And if not, then they would be going the way in the solution.Or as I, a dyslexic would say, " Dildo Gabbins".  I love hearing your thought process during and while reviewing the games.I was watching it for the umpteenth time now and just realised that agad didn't say that white resigned or show any of the lines leading to mate (I know, I know it's axiomatic, but still).

Imagine being the guy who decided to hold back the progress of CFW because some guy in brazil wanted free games.I’m going to have to buy one of these masterpieces hell maybe 3.Glad u put in the live center.Sometimes the simplest solution is the best.Jay-Z will never be as Real as Master P.This is the first problem I truly felt stumped on so far.

Hello from Australia, that is a beautiful table.3:57 the first time agad's sorry makes sense.Too bad Carlsen threw away the win.Once again he proved it.They're just more of a comparative or relative measure than a quantitative one.Then it grew from there.Very instructive as always.

Nh5, then occupying the g3 square right after

Nh5, then occupying the g3 square right after

Which tactics do you prefer.There are so many openers, traps, what to avoid at all cost etc.  I used 1x10 or 1x12 common pine (without going down to my shop to measure what they are) with a 34 birch veneer rip for a runner in my miter slot and routed out dado on the underside of the sled board, and gluedscrewed the runner into that dado slot.Is Rome worth one good man's life?Can anyone help me understand this one?

Why is it called a shooting board?Reversing the direction seems like the best way, most accurate.A common practice in those days.He was human after all.So gold is alien blood or stars.When Lincoln was in the rubber bands he looked like a d bahahah.Where do you live.How and where I can get this.

Dim diye korle

Dim diye korle

I guess he was given that nickname because the phrase 'The Black Death' was, and still is, used for the bubonic plague?Goosebumps everytime!Did zach make a Hamilton reference!Helps to know what you are doing.I wonder how it didn't show up like this before though i did everything as said, maybe just skipped something.28:00 faster with Qb2 straight off.Now no one cach me lying.

Sam Vest

I havequestion about wood movement.The lower shelf is constrained across its width by the legs. As the width changes with changing humidity, will this constraint cause problems?

john emmanuel MOVIE

naiyak ako


3:54 "a harmless guy with good looks" wtf you on rob?

Victoria Dillard

I did it i won the challenge of i can choose i would get play dirt please

Tom The Cat


Richard Bott Slots And More

Awesome video...Great review....Thanks for the informative content....

The Will of D

Solving it is only half the battle you hack. You gotta put it back together on camera

Brave Voice

What would be the best material to use in 1. )Making a form to use in conjuction with casting?2.) What would be the best for making gears?

Noor kassam

Why i bake didnt cam red inside


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